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We have all had our calls dropped at some point or another. Just yesterday I was talking to a mate, we were both standing still, and all of a sudden our calls just disconnected.

Now, I’m not sure how many people know about this, but if you are a Vodacom Contract subscriber,  you can call 119 from your phone, and get reconnected, for FREE. Well technically, you get reconnected, and the first minute is FREE, and they you start paying applicable charges after the first minute. Cool hey.

What is important with this reconnect service, is that Vodacom tracks where the calls were dropped, and if they start seeing a trend, they will investigate why this is happening, and maybe find they need to increase capacity.

From the Vodacom Website:

119 Reconnect (Contract)

Should you, as a Contract customer, experience the inconvenience of having your call dropped, simply dial 119 from your cellphone! You will be reconnected – the time you spent waiting to be reconnected and the first minute after being successfully reconnected – free! Thereafter, your relevant tariff rates will apply.

Please note: Vodacom Contract customers on per second billing Contracts will be charged according to their relevant tariff rates for the first 60 seconds when being reconnected – the free minutes do not app

So next time you find yourself slamming your phone, in the middle of a conversation, just dial 119, and you will be reconnected for FREE for the first minute

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Thanks for the reminder! I was wondering just a few weeks ago if they still had this service but couldn’t remember the number.

I remember using it after hour long phone-calls back when I was in school (2001) when Nokias would cut out after 59 and something minutes. I wonder if they still do…

Good news. Now all the networks need to get together and sort out the private/unknown/blocked number fiasco. I don’t like to answer calls that are blocked because 9/10 times they are telemarketers, who I don’t have time for. But sometimes, and increasingly more often it isn’t. I understand that some people, specifically the telemarketers make use of CLIR, but when the called shows as blocked on Vodacom, and not on MTN or Telkom, then something is wrong. All the networks need to work together to sort that out.

Then of course there is the SMSes that never arrive issue. Doesn’t happen too often, but when it does you don’t get any notification, and you can be sure you’ve been billed for it!

Ok rant over!

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