Pigeon Race 2009

n129866695094_2370Today is the big day. Today is the day Winston takes to the airs to try and beat Telkom in the race against data.

Winston is a Pigeon who will be flying from Howick, in the KZN midlands to Gillits in Durban, and then transported to Hillcrest via PigeonMobile. The cool thing about Winston is that he will have a 4GB micro SD card attached to his leg, and at the same time that he takes off, a 4GB file will start being uploaded via a Telkom ADSL line.

From there on it is a race against time, to see who will win. If Winston does take this one, it will prove a long lived theory, that the pre historic Pigeon carrier, may well be faster than modern day technology.

My money is on Winston to take the cake in a time of 44mins 21 seconds.

To follow Winston on his travels today, keep an eye on Twitter (#PigeonRace2009), and become a fan on his Facebook fan page. For the full low down, follow Winstons blog at http://pigeonrace2009.co.za/. For a look at the route that Winston will be flying, download the Google Earth KML file I created for the race

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Now thry the same thing with a pigen carrying 4GB of data in printed form – say a text file? How many million pigeons would you need? So it is a competition between two forms of modern technology.

Must’ve been something to see it happening in your backyard, sounds like it was quite a day for Winston [and our friends up in Telkom towers].

Let’s just hope they don’t focus too much on this type of competition and rather look to improving the product offerings.

Were you involved in putting it all together, or just an excitable bystander? :)

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