090909 Geeks Day Delight

Yesterday was I think the ultimate Geeks day (well for me anyways :)

  • I eventually upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard. WOW, what an improvement. 2 minor hiccups, in that Checkpoint SecureClient did not work in Snow Leopard, but that was easily fixed, thanks to these fantastic step by step instructions. I also had an issue with Switch Res X, which I am still fiddling with, but not the end of the world
  • I upgraded to iTunes 9, which has had a face lift. My favorite feature allows me to organise my apps on my phone from within iTunes
  • I upgraded my iPhone firmware to OS 3.1, which also seems a whole lot faster. As someone pointed out, may just be a placebo effect after seeing how much faster Snow Leopard runs, but it definitely does feel a lot faster
  • Tweetdeck also graced us with an upgrade. Much cleaner interface, and I wouldnt be lying when I say it also feels that much faster :)
  • Winston my Pigeon Booi, from DC, won his race against the ADSL upload. The win was monumental in pigeon terms, and Winston has gone on to break all sorts of other records, by appearing on loads of various websites, and also made an appearance on Sky News !!! Well done to @imsmith and the guys from The Unlimited. Fantastic campaign !!! And to think it all got going at the last 27 Dinner in Durbs :)
  • Finally, and definitely not least. I now have a full complement of tractors on my farm in Farmville. Now THATS geeky :)

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Also did the iTunes and OS3.1 thing… Add to that EA launches The Beatles Rockband Limited Edition, and Sony launches full set of remastered Beatles albums. My Rockband set arrived today, and my Beatles Ltd Ed (numbered) White album ships today :-)

What I want to know is how you are going to use all three of those lovely tractors … I’ve put off buying them cause I can’t see (anything but my trusty harvester which usually uses up all my fuel) being used :( tips and tricks always appreciated!

@phillygirl 3 tractors, one to plough, one to seed, and one to harvest. Saves loads of time, except like you say uses all my fuel…

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