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Screen shot 2009-09-21 at 4.47.04 PMWell, this isn’t technically a South African developed iPhone app, but it is designed primarily for South African’s. Navigon brings you their GPS navigational software, Mobilenavigator, with South African Maps.appstore_button

After Tom Tom announced they would be bringing their software to the iPhone earlier this year, everyone has been hanging on waiting for it. They have released the software around the world, but South Africa have yet to feature.

I haven’t yet downloaded the new Software from Navigon, because I just can’t seem to justify the $74.99 (±R560) price tag, when all I need to do is get to work and back. Sure I have my GPS lying in my car but it hardly gets used. This app will be fantastic for visitors to South Africa, and I’m glad to see we cracking the nod ahead of other countries round the world.

Screen shot 2009-09-21 at 4.55.01 PMScreen shot 2009-09-21 at 4.55.16 PM

You can download the software from the iTunes store here. If anyone does take the plunge be sure to let us know, by leaving a comment below, what you think of the software

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Bought this app today i have been playing with it for couple of hours first impressions acquires position quickly,anticipates the turns, coverage so far very good cons burns some serious battery time.

Used this last night and today a bit. It is really stunning!! Definitely worth the $75 :-)
Just wondering if it is gonna work with the TomTom cradle that si being launched soon…

on the normal iPhone 3G (16Gb) = not 3Gs
it loads a bit slow – but this does not bother me too much, since I only need to get the lady talking and then I am off. Address search from contacts is good, seems to be ok. Will drive and report more.

@Conrad Muller – yip, let us know what you think. I love it! Just sucks LOADS of battery – need to get a car charger but trying to hold out for Navigon’s car cradle :-)

@Conrad Muller – haven’t drilled totally into the maps yet – did try 3 or 4 address though and they were all there. Seems like they pretty up to date, I think. The POIs are pretty good though – have found a few that were missing there though.
But then again, for $75, not bad. I’ll only really use it like twice a month. If I needed it more than that I’d actually go buy a dedicated GPS :-)

@Charlie: Aggreed. For that price – I can use it when I need it, limited. As long as it gets me pretty near – I will be fine. I hate having multiple devices. As long as it takes TOMTOM to get to SA with their app, I will give this a bash

The app is quite good, but the maps are REALLY out of date, roads that have been in existance for over 10 years are missing. Some road names are wrong.

Otherwise, it’s not too bad but until the maps are updated, it will not replace my Garmin

I purchased this just before our holiday, and have been playing with it for a few days now. It works like a charm! Have yet to experience any GPS issues I’ve heard about from others. Works best when plugged into the FM transmitter for the car radio, even fades out the music on the iPod when voice prompting. Also, has limited text to speech support for national routes (e.g. R75, N312, etc…). The reroute seems to work quickly as well (when you choose an alternative route). I’d highly recommend to anyone who does not already have a GPS unit in their car. If you do however own one, the R550+ price tag can be a bit steep, but still cheap in comparison to other dedicated entry level GPS units.

I bought this and have been using it lightly with my iTrip and iPhone cradle.

I’m just trying to figure out how much data it uses. Ever since I got my iPhone (jailbreak unlocked) I’ve been chowing through data.

@Jason – if I’m not mistaken, this app shouldn’t be using any of your data – all the maps are saved on your iPhone.

I ought this a while back – previously only played around a bit with it. Only used it for real today – was really spot on!! I used a car charger to power the device (this app suck major battery). I haven’t bought a cradle yet – waiting to see how much the Navigon cradle is gonna go for (being released later this month).
I love this app!! Only thing is that my iPhone gets pretty hot when using it (even if not in direct sunlight). Hope this isn’t gonna blow my phone or something ;-)

NAVIGON bricked my iPhone 3GS
while using it it lost 3G connection,
error message read that i was not able to make/receive calls and I must restore.
When trying to restore I got error code 23
VODACOM/APPLE are replacing the iPhone.
when doing a google search I found I am not alone, the CPU gets hot and cooks the radio chip, loosing the 3G/Bluetooth/Wireless functions!

In Europe (east and west) we use Navigon on our iPhone. We are very pleased with the detailed maps. In August 2010 we make a journey through South Africa and Botswana. Can anyone provide us information about the detailed map views in South Africa and Botswana?

Since the most recent update of the software, it has improved both dramatically in terms of picking up gps signal and map updates, although it is still missing a few roads.

Something alse which has been updated is estate/complex names, but again this is not complete and needs further improvement.

On the whole though, a worthwhile upgrade.

You suppose to purchase and download the navigon software from the iTunes store the product you purchased is for a GPS not an iPhone.

I have a Navigon and tried to down load the updates on maps but can not get registered on the system for they do not have South Africa or am i just blond. What must / How must i do it.

@Luisa – your maps updates are included with the app updates from Apple. You can’t directly download maps from the Navigon site – wait until there is an update on the iTunes store :)

I got a Navigon (Canada 310) in the US, but am now in South Africa.
Where can I get it upgraded with SA roads?

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