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Chase Jarvis is a world renowned photographer, who has one of the most awe inspiring portfolio’s I have ever seen, has released his own iPhone app, aptly called Best Camera (Opens iTunes). Why Best camera ? Cause as Chase says the “Best Camera is the one that’s with you”. At $2.99 on the App store this app is a Steal !!!

The app has 14 different filters which can be applied to photos you have taken on your iPhone. Some of the cool filters include Warmify, which adds yellow tones, Jewel, a one Touch signature filter which creates rich textual looks. You can also one click crop to square, as well as add frames. Given 14 different filters you can make your photos look absolutely awesome :)

Once you have finished applying the filters, you can upload to twitter, facebook or the specially developed community site for the app ,

I have been playing around with it for the last day or so, and am blow away. Below are some of the images I have created using the BestCamera app:

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I haven’t downloaded Snapture yet. This is more of a photo editing app, where Camera Genius is a photo taking app. I actually used Camera Genius to take the pictures earlier to take the pics, and then used Best Camera to edit them . From what I have seen Snapture is also a camera taking app. I think the diff between Snapture & Camera Genius is the $1 difference ;)

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