Weekly app review – 27 Sep

I have decided to start a weekly review of a couple of the iPhone apps I have downloaded over the last week, to give an idea of whats out there, and get some comments on what I may be missing out on. Let me know in the comments what apps you downloaded this last week, and if you tried any of the apps I mentioned what you thought.

Best Camera – $2.99 (Link Opens iTunes)
WOW. Fast becoming my new favorite photo app on the iPhone, and if you follow me on twitter, you will see some of the pics I have created using it.  I also did a quick review of it earlier this week. The app was created by world renowned photographer Chase Jarvis. To see some of the images I have magically created, check out my iPhone Photo blog

Ping! – Free for a limited time (Link Opens iTunes)
A fantastic app, that allows you to instantly message you iPhone contacts, which then sends them a push notification, when they receive the message. Works similar to Blackberry Messenger, and cheaper than SMS. Just get it. It is free in the app store now, and is going to become an essential app to have on your iPhone. Ping me ->  MarcF

Aardvark – Free (Link Opens iTunes)

South African’s, don’t be fooled. This is NOT that dodgy search engine we all once used. Promise. (I will not be responsible for you clicking that link :))
Aardvark, is set to become the next big thing. Trust me, and when it does, just say you read it here first. Aardvark allows you to post a question, about almost anything, and then matches you up with the best person for the job, and send them an IM or alerts them through their iPhone app. And as the community grows, the more clever people come on board, the more questions get answered, accurately, and the faster they get answered. I have asked a couple of questions, and within minutes, I have received a push notification that I have an answer. The system also works on Instant messaging, so it may randomly pop up (you can set it to how often you want it to ask you), and ask you to help answer the question. You specify your fields of speciality, and it works on that. Just trust me on this one. Really. To see what Aardvark is all about, and to sign up, go to

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Enjoyed reading your app updates… can’t wait for my phone upgrade… thinking Sony Xperia… but will wait and see what phone’s available when getting new contract in Mauritius…

I’ve also tried Ping – not bad but prefer WhatsApp – a lot more polished :-) Give it a try.

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