One of my photos used as a Magazine cover !!!

A while ago, I got an email from an ex colleague Dave Gale, who I have been in contact with, about using a couple of my photo’s that I took when I went on the Moses Mabhida Stadium tour, for a magazine. I was quite stoked to say the least, and when I saw the below pictures, I was totally blown away. Here, my one of MY photo’s was being used as a magazine cover for the Disaster Management Institute of South Africa !!!! Not only that, but it was also blown up and used as an image on a banner at a recent Disaster Management conference in Durban.

Big thanks to the chaps at Umoya Networks, for the amazing opportunity :)

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Hey Marc,

Glad you’re stoked mate – we were only too chuffed to have an artistic hi-res pic of a 2010 stadium to use instead of the usual gore and mayhem that seems to be the usual DM journal cover pic!

The uniti web-based unified comms system has the DM guys very excited w.r.t. setting up good co-ordination between the various role-players who look after public safety esp. during 2010 World Cup.

If anyone needs a great graphic design house, the guy who put banners etc together with me under tremendous time pressure was Tertius Watson of Redline Design in Cape Town. The man is a legend.

Hi Marc, got this link from Dave Gale so popped on over. Nice one there with the pics, they were all great and nice to have them at a high res. Can’t believe they handled enlarging to banner size! I still need to play catch up on this whole social network thang. I am old school and still think that email is ‘new’ LOL. I too have a boy, 5. Nice to see a dad say “had a great weekend with the family” Good dads are needed and as rare as floppy discs… Well done, keep on keeping on.

Hey Tertius,
Thanks for the comment :)
Thanks for the fantastic work on the pics, didn’t ever think they would get onto the cover of a magazine, and least a banner…Also very surprised they could enlarge to banner…Just confirmed my thoughts that I don’t have to upgrade my camera ;)

Thanks for the dad comments. Dads rule the world…hehe


Hey Marc,

‘nother Umoyabite here :) Thanks for the perfect photo for our Uniti promo and mag cover. Its a fantastic photo shot at a very cool and creative angle – nice one!

I must ask, as a bit of a photo nerd, what camera did you shoot it with?


He Marc, Dave and Tertius,

What an awesome team. We received a lot of compliments for the professional way the uniti brochure was put together. Marc your photo was on the brochure as well. The combination of the magazine, uniti brochure and banner, all with the same photo created a very powerful marketing statement that got all 350 delegates attention. Well done guys, now for the next chapter – following up the leads…..

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