izimvo_biggerA couple of weeks ago, my mate & colleague Shaun Trennery came to me and said he had a brain wave about a new project. He wanted to put together a site that allowed us to interview regular South African’s like you and me, about our lives in South Africa, and what makes us happy and sad about living here. Throw in a few general fun questions, and boom, was born.

We launched the site this morning with a fantastic interview from Mike Stopforth about his views of living in South Africa, and how much he loves the Spur. Anybody wanting to have a lunch meeting with Mike, Spur is your answer :)

Shaun and I have been working on building up a list of potential people to interview, and are aiming high in trying to punch out a post every day or so for the next week or 2. We want to take a look at regular South Africans, from the Construction worker at the new stadium, to the CEO of a top 40 JSE company.

Keep your eyes on, I promise you, there are going to be a couple of interesting questions being fired off in the next couple of weeks…

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Good initiative guys. Good luck with it.

Sounds a bit like a personalised SA Rocks (ie more focused on people than happenings/news), hope you guys see the same level of support :)

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