Weekly app Review – 11 Oct

After the success of my previous 2 posts of weekly app reviews, I have decided to make this a full-time weekly feature. The new apps that are hitting the app store just seem to be getting better and better with each one.So jumping right in…. Mobile – Free

First off this week is an app that is awesome in all respects, least of all the price. Here we have a fully fledged photo editor on your iPhone, that is made by the gods of Image editing, Adobe. The app allows you to do the basics of cropping, rotating etc, but also allows you full control over options such as changing the exposure & saturation amongst others. The app also has a couple of funky filters that you can apply, and then finally you are able to upload the completed image to for sharing. All in all a well rounded app, that has the potential to become one of the most used apps on my iPhone. Just get it…

Remote – Free

This isn’t necessarily a new app, but one I have been using loads lately. Imagine a braai with some mates. You fire up the iTunes on your computer, hand your friends your iPhone, and you have a fully fledged DJ in your hands. Seriously. You can now choose your next song, and if anyone else has an iPhone or an iPod touch, they can vote songs up or down. You can make playlists on the fly with your music, and even the genius function works wonders. This is a great app for those parties or braais that need a little bit of life injected into them.

BaDaBoo – Free

Ever had one of those moments sitting in a queue where you need something mindless to pass the time. Or a game that frustrates you to no end. Then this is the app you looking for. A simple game, where all you need to do is flick a ball into other balls, kinda like marbles, and make sure they all match up in colour after your 4 turns. The funky sounds in the game, just want to keep you coming back for more as well. It sounds a whole lot easier than it is. Once you have downloaded the game, let me know in the comments how you scored. Let’s see if you can beat my high score of 51570 :)

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61080 – all red. Fun game but now that I got them all one colour don’t know how much more I’ll be playing??

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