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Custom Ringtones on the iPhone – For FREE !

  • On October 15, 2009
  • http:/

We all know that a rather big downfall of the iPhone is the very limited selection of ringtones they offer as standard options. iTunes does offer ringtones for purchase, but at $0.99 a pop, I’m a bit hesitant.

I came across this fantastic site a while ago, and used it again today. The site,, allows you to upload a song of your choice, edit it, then download it as a custom iPhone ringtone. They also have millions of ringtones that are already on the site, which you can download and then drag into iTunes, and sync to your phone.All of this for FREE !! Cool hey ?

Here is a quick quick tutorial on how to get your own ringtone onto your iPhone.

1. Visit You can either upload a song, trim it to your specs, or download it from the site. For this example, I am going to download a song from the site. Click on “Download Ringtone for iPhone“, and save it to your desktop. The file will be saved in a .m4r format.


2. Drag the downloaded file into iTunes -> Ringtones. You should now see the downloaded file in iTunes under Ringtones. If you don’t see it here, try and add  it by clicking on Ringtones -> File -> Add file to Library in iTunes


3. Make sure that Sync Ringtones is ticked on the Ringtones tab on your iPhone in iTunes. Sync your phone, and you should now see your downloaded ringtone on your iPhone.



4. To select the ringtone on your iPhone go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone -> and you now should see your ringtone at the top of the screen under custom. Select it, and you now have your favorite song as your ringtone.


Easy hey. Shout in the comments if you get stuck. Happy listening :)


  1. Kevin Groenewald

    Hey there.

    I came accross this site that shows you how to make your own ringtones using itunes. It will save you the trouble of having to upload files.

  2. ha…That’s pretty awesome. I’m always looking for new ringtones for my phone. Thanks!

  3. Whenever I tried to finally download the file after going through all the effort – I get the 404 error – File not Found. Even on other ringtones already created on the site. Must I login first?

  4. Kindour

    I have been using this method to make custom ringtones for my iphone. It works great!

  5. Nikki M

    Marc – thanks so much for this. I always read your blog posts and follow many tips but never step up to say – hey I read it, thanks.

  6. Hello! Good tip in your post.
    I think that today one of the few things that can differentiate one cell from another is the ringtone. After all, more and more people are using the same type of device (iPhones, for example). Moreover, the ringtone is now a brand of style.
    So I use a nice variety in my cell.
    And all got for free at:
    Well, that’s it! Some of the other visitors have another opinion?