Weekly app Review – 18 Oct

I haven’t come across any groundbreaking or extra cool apps this week in the app store, so I thought I would go back and look at some of my most used apps on my iPhone. I use these almost everyday for something different, and they are all winners on my 2nd page :)

Doodle Jump – $0.99

I have written about this game before, but I really can’t put this game down. It is THAT bad. My wife has now started jostling for my iPhone, to a point where I have considered taking out a loan to buy her her own. It is THAT bad :)

In all seriousness, this is 1 awesome game, and if you looking for something to waste your time on, then I suggest you get this game. “Our” (Read my wife’s) highest score is 31971. The latest update to the game also brings in a new “boss” who is a killer. Also check out the Doodle Jump facebook fan page. Leave your highest score in the comments, to see if you can been the Doodle Jump kings :)

Convert – $0.99

This is a handy app that converts almost anything to everything. seriously. If you need to know how many Russian Rubles you can get for 1 Phillipino Pesos (0.647 btw), or if you suddenly need to know how many Ergs are in 1 Killowatt-Hour (3,6e13)
The app layout and interface is fantastic, and there are hundreds of different conversions you can make. This is one app, you buy, may not use it all the time, but is a life saver when you do need it.

Speed Speed Test – Free

I’m pretty sure we have all used the site to check our connection speeds at sometimes in our lives. It seems to have become the benchmark in testing connectivity issues, and speed on broadband connections. The app does exactly the same for you, and is super handy when trying to figure out why your surfing speed on your phone is slow. The app also stores your previous speed tests. All in all a fantastic app which, for the price, is a keeper.

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I can highly recommend DoodleJump – it’s a great little game!

I see that Convert is now $1.99.

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