Weekly app Review – 1 Nov

I was away last week, so didn’t get round to posting my weekly review. While I was away I acquired a new iPhone 3Gs. So now I can try out all the AR apps that are available. I am a big big fan of navigational stuff, so the compass app on the 3Gs, is also pretty awesome.

Layar Reality Browser (Free)

This is an awesome app. Augmented Reality is set become the next big thing. But what is Augmented Reality ? Well in a nutshell, we will using mobile devices in the future to tell us about things/people/objects around us. So for example. You sitting in Paris, you hold your phone up to the Eifel tower, with Layar app running. The app will then give you all the information about the tower, show you pictures people have taken etc. It will also show you other points of interest around you. I have used it to show me pictures people have taken around me. All in all a very cool app, with loads of potential. If you have a 3Gs, just get it :)

Pano ($2.99)

I know I have mentioned this app before, but it is really one of my top apps on my phone. I cannot wait to see how the 3Gs Camera will work with this one, and some of the Pano shots I get.
Last week when I was in Cape Town, I managed to get a stunning shot of the Sunset from the Blue Peter hotel in Blouberg.

Cape Town sunset pano

ArminOnly ($7.99)

The price on this one may put you off a bit, but I can guarantee you it is well well worth it. This is the full “DVD” set of Armin van Buuren 9 (NINE) hour set recorded live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is seriously insane, and has some some awesome video. It makes me want to daaaance :)If you are an Armin van Buuren fan, then I highly suggest this app.