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A couple of days ago, I did a couple of gps reviews and ratings for the iPhone, that are available for South African iPhone users. Out of the 3, NDrive seemed to be the most user-friendly and had the most up to date maps.  I got in touch with the guys from NDrive, and agreed to do a review for them on the app.

The NDrive app is fairly simple to use. The use of the app is super easy to use, and the layout of the buttons are quite big, which makes it a whole lot easier when trying to drive at a 160km/h 60km/h. The GPS locations seems to happen relatively fast, given that you need to have an accurate reading for the map to work. There are quite a few customisable settings which allow you to make the app easier to use. One of the cool things for South African’s is there are 2 alternative languages, Afrikaans & Zulu, which should help appeal to a greater audience.

The app has “Saftey Camera”  alerts built into the app, so when you are going a 160km/h 121km/h, a friendly little warning will alert you to slow down. You can also have a choice between a 3D display and a 2D display, which should put things into a clearer perspective. One of the things I have noticed between this and the TomTom app, is that NDrive shows you the roads around you, whereas TomTom only shows you the road you are travelling on.

The maps in the app are fully up to date, and I have yet to have any issues of finding a road which isn’t on the map. I also took quite a drive this past weekend and NDrive was fantastic on the long trip.

There is 1 issue in this app which does bug me though, which doesn’t break the deal, but I think, would make it that much better. The keyboard in the app, is a custom keyboard and not the standard qwerty iPhone keyboard. This makes it a mission to type when driving, as we not used to the keyboard. I think if this had to change, it would make a lot more people smile :) Other than that, I can’t see anything else that needs to change dramatically. I know that the guys at NDrive are working on the app all the time to improve it, and that the maps are being updated as we speak.

Now,  for the cool part. The guys at NDrive have offered to give away 2 copies of NDrive to readers of this blog. The app is valued at $69 which is a fair amount to be giving away, so I need to make it a bit of a challenge to give away.

Below are 4 images from around South Africa taken off Google Maps Satellite images. I need you to identify the 4 places, from around South Africa, and you will be entered into a draw for a copy of NDrive. The places in the images are quite tricky to find, so you may need to put the thinking cap on.   There is a little clue below each pic to get you going :)

The rules for the competition are as follows:

  • To enter the competition, you need to submit your answers using the contact page
  • You need to leave a comment below on this post to say you have entered.
  • Competition will close on Friday 20th November at 12pm, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter
  • Follow me on Twitter for a few clues throughout the week
  • The winner will be chosen using, should there be more than 2 correct answers
  • You NEED to have a US iTunes account in order to redeem the promo code should you win

One of South Africa's top Tourist destinations
1. One of South Africa's TOP tourist destinations - click image for bigger view

Bordering GP & FS
2. Bordering GP & FS- click image for bigger view
Splash with Gambit
3. Splash with Gambit - click image for bigger view
Longest runway in Africa
Longest runway in Africa- click image for bigger view

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@Ashley – not very clever – posting the answers for everyone who hasn’t entered yet hey. Think you should read the instructions carefully again ;-)
@Marc – can you delete that comment?

Thank you to EVERYONE for entering. Very bleak that I only have 2 copies to give away. NDrive is an awesome app, wish everyone could use it :)
The winners have been drawn using There were 18 entries, and the 2 winners are:

Steph & Timothy :) Congrats.
I hhave taken a screenshot of the draw to show the winners :)

Love it! so much better than the other options available
As for the keyboard I agree with Marc. You have in the setting the option to switch to QWERTY but the “OEM” keyboard is missing a bit.
Altogether – faster, better, and more complete …..

Hi – Thanks for the review. Do you know if the voice over will work through my car speakers through the blue tooth system?

@ Ilan – Voice guidance will go thru normal headset-out or 30 pins connector to you car audio (BMW, AUDI, and other ipod compatible car as well most of the Dension ice link after market) For Bluetooth it depends what services your car kit supports but to my knowledge no car kit support HSP (headset profile)
Since OS3.0 Apple has un-crippled A2DP bluetooth service – so in theory it should work if car kit has the service

To add to my last post – any FM transmitters (iPhone compatible) will do the trick as well

Thank u, for ur review, I subsequently bought the ndrive for iPhone …big mistake!.I used the app for 3 wks,after first automatic update the map suddenly expired……3wks use only. No local support,only Austrian website/phone, even then they do not respond to my call/email. IT IS FRAUD. Ndrive indeed, more like no drive.lolee

Hey Lolee. The app should still work. I am in contact with the guys from ndrive and I will let them know asap. Sure it will get sorted :)

@Lolee – they are aware of the problem and fixing it the new version has been submitted for approval by Apple

They have posted a warning & a workaround in the meantime on iTunes store

I bought the Ndrive yesterday to receive an error stating that all my maps have expired. Do you have any advice? Please help!

@Ilan :) Marc is actually in contact with them I understand. I have used the 3 Nav apps available to ZA and this one is definitely far ahead of the others.

Just got a response back from the guys at NDrive:

We are well aware of this problem. A very silly bug indeed.
We have already published an update that will fix the problem, but it will take some time for Apple to approve it and put it on the store.

In the meantime users can get around the expired maps issue by setting their system clock to some day before December 15th (the expiry date of the maps). It certainly isnt an ideal work around but its all we can do for now.

Hope this helps for now. We should hopefully see an update in the next couple of days :)

Hey guys. Just got a mail from the guys at Ndrive. Update to resolve the maps issue has just been approved.

Heya Marc,

Wanted to let you know that the new version for NDrive SA was approved just now.  It should be available to update within a few hours.

Thanks Marc,
Beside the fact that I am happy that the bug has been squashed, I am quite impressed with Apple approval speed.

Ndrive is rubbish. They have not fixed the problem and the maps have expired. What a rip off.

@James -sorry to contradict but it has been fixed. Latest version is 9.3.06 available for download

I suppose on your iphone appstore the update does not show sometimes it tend to be a bit lethargic. Just cut corners download again from itunes if it is the 9.3.06 you won’t be charged for it, is a free update! (that’s if you bought from the SA store, if you bought from another store you’ll need to login to that store to get the free update) then just sync

The Buy Button is fine as long as you are in the shop were you have purchased the app you won’t be charged.
You will have that before even entering your password for purchase

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