Hooters opens in Umhlanga, Durban

I heard a rumour not so long ago that the well-known pub in Umhlanga, Cottonfields, would be closing down. I been there a couple of times, and had a few good parties there, one which involved a bachelors party, which I have vague memories of :)

Now I heard they have officially closed down to make way for the American restaurant chain, Hooters. Now most guys will know about Hooters for their um, waitresses. I have also heard the Chicken wings are awesome.  To give you an idea of the stature of women they are looking to employ as waitresses, I found the advert calling for waitresses on a local site called Modelbase.

…Hooters hires women who best fit the image of a Hooters Girl to work in this capacity and believe that the Hooters Girl is as socially acceptable as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, or a Sharks Girl.

The Hooters Girl uniform consists of orange shorts and a white tank top, short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-shirt.

Sounds nice enough :)

I came across a pictures, from the East Coast Radio website, of some of the waitresses who will be working at the new Hooters in Umhlangha.

Pics via ECR website

Anybody keen to join me for chicken wings and beer…. :)

18 replies on “Hooters opens in Umhlanga, Durban”

When’s the opening date?? I can’t find anything about it. Should be soon though or else they’re going to miss out on tons of ‘silly season’ business in Umhlanga.

went last night…….very average, I Personally cant see it lasting in Durban!! Durban girls are not Cheer leaders……..

Went there today, food was good, service was poor to say the least, and worst of all was charged R18-50 for a lime juice and lemonade. A small tin of lemonade at that !!! a geniune rip- off. The place won’t last charging those prices.

havent been there since dec when it opened and it was a debacle, way too full… but it was definitely better this time, awesome amount of t.v. screens great for the rugby !

Restaurant looks good, the girls are nice but service is really bad. maybe cos the girls are more worried about what they look like then the actual customers. the fact that you got good looking girls is not going to make a restaurant good, the bar men are not sharp either. been twice and have had to wait half an hour to be served then another half an hour to get my drink.

Went to Hooters 17 April,first time and possibly the last.Nothing wrong with the girls,service,drinks,etc,but the manager is rude and incompetent,with an attitude that if I adopted it for my customers I would be a car guard by now.

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