Weekly app picks – 16 Nov

I missed out the last 2 weeks of my new favorite apps I picked up in the app store.To be honest there hasn’t been too much that has grabbed my attention. But that said, I have come across these 3 fantastic apps in the last 2 weeks, so here they are:

MoneyBook ( $2.99)

A fantastic little app that allows you to keep track of your expenses using your iPhone. The user interface is really simple to use, and the graphics within the app are very cool. The app allows you to enter your monthly budget, and then as you go along during the month, you enter your expenses, and it shows you your available budget. The app also allows you to add in recurring expenses as well. All in all, a very useful app that I think I may use more often.

I ALSO have 2 copies of MoneyBook to give away, so leave a comment below and I will randomly select 2 people by the end of today  (Monday 16 Nov 5pm) to win a copy.

Geocaching ($9.99)

One of my favorite pastimes when I have time, is to get out and geocache. For those of you who don’t know what Geocaching is, think big peoples treasure hunts :) I’m just kidding :) What it is, is you your GPS device (in this case iPhone), to locate a hidden “treasure”. These are usually placed at interesting places around the world, and there are almost 100,000 scattered around the world. Once you find the cache, you sign the log, and sometimes you can also exchange an item in the cache. It is a fantastic way to get out and see your country, and the price of the app is well well worth it. So if you are a geocache fan, or are looking for a new hobby, I highly recommend this app.There is also a free Geocaching intro app, which helps you get into the game

PicPosterous (Free)

I am a HUGE fan of posterous. It is by far one of the best web apps I have ever seen. It is so simple to use. All you do is email whatever you want, anything, to a standard email address, and Posterous does the rest, by uploading to all your other sites & services, such as Youtube, Facebook, Flickr….etc etc.

PicPosterous is an app on the iPhone which makes it just that much easier. Now you don’t have to even email. You just click what photo’s you want to upload, and it does the rest for you. The app has just received an upgrade which allows you to update previously created albums, which is a big big plus. This is one of those apps I will be moving to my first screen. Very very handy, AND, it’s free :) You can check out my 2 Posterous sites at &

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MoneyBook looks like a fantastic app! I have played around with iBearMoney (the free version) but it’s obviously limiting!

Thanks also for the PicPosterous app info … going to download it NOW!

Thanks for helping me make the most of my iPhone! Moneybook might help me make the most of my money!

Please Randomly pick me for Moneybook ;p lol
thanks for for all the reviews, always a valuable source.

MoneyBook looks usefull – does it support different currency codes, or does one just have to ignore the sign ;)

Sorry about the delay :)
The 2 winners of the Moneybook app are: (according to
Andrew & Ruan

Congrats !!!
I Will be sending you your promo code shortly :)

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