Video of meteor over Gauteng 21 November

Yesterday I did a post about the Meteor that was spotted over Gauteng on the 21st of November.

The comments have been flying in thick and fast, and it seems that loads of people saw this phenomenon. By the sounds of things, the meteor may have landed or disintegrated somewhere over or near the Botswana/South Africa border.

Today I came across this video I found on Youtube taken from a CCTV camera located on the Mustek building in Midrand (Link to Google Map). I am totally totally awed by what I have just seen.

The video of the Gauteng Meteor from the Mustek building can be seen here:

I have also just come across a 2nd video of the Gauteng meteor from a building somewhere in Johannesburg. This one is really cool as you get a full view of the horizon, and it is also slowed down.

Wow…that’s all I can say !!!

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Gees !!! Whoa – I also heard and read about this so was cool to check the vids. Hectic !!

Brilliant – so there was some accidental footage :-) Thanks for sharing Marc.

Check out the Edmonton, Canada meteor video from 2008 ( which is amazing, also the one over Utah last Wednesday ( and my favourite video even though it was man-made debris and not a meteor, over Denver, Colorado in Jan 2007 (

i dont think i am crazy anymore, thank you, i also saw this amazing event on saterday evening.

Wow amazing to see it slowmotion! I saw it north of Pretoria, and it was like someone had switched on the light! Sorry for everyone that missed it!

I was out in the bush in Zimbabwe towards the botswana border with my 2 cousins matt and Raf. We were in a vlei trying to catch springhares when we saw what is described by everyone else. We had no idea what it was and were terrified. We heard 3 explosions once the light in the sky was gone and we now assume it was the meteorite disintigrating. It was also seen by people in Bulawayo.

To add to my previous note. The sky went from purple to a light green then the whole sky lit up bright blue and it was light as day. It had been overcast and then the clouds disappeared and just before it went dark there was a bright orange flash.

It was better seeing this in real. It was better than awesome. Saw this “Meteor” from Northam on our way back to Thabazimbi while driving home. This was an experience of a life time, sure something like this will never happen again. Glad me and my husband could have shared the same. First saw a blue-ish light that filled the landscape, then turned into a miraculous shine Godly white, as if there was a flashlight in our eyes, then everything turned reddish, with the ball of fire 45 degrees from the skies, there was like a tail of flames following the fireball, sure when this strike the earth, everything darkened as if you turned of a light. Will never forget.

What a site it was. Me & some friends were braaing outside in Musina Limpopo at the border to Zimbabwe when what appeared to be someone shooting off a massive fire work cracker. I was totally goggersmacked when I reliased this was not the case. Will never forget the moment I thought we were all gonna die!!! Then I helped myself to another Brandy & coke

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