Let’s all be safe this silly season

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South African’s are the best nation in the world. Even if I say so myself. EXCEPT, there is one thing that really really annoys me with with our country. Drinking and driving. We have a really crap habit, of having a good time, and then getting in a car, and not only putting our lives at risk, but everyone else around you on the road.
I think a misconception though in South Africa though, is that people think even if they drink 1 or 2 beers they are “fine”. Research has shown, that, even 1 beer can impair your thinking and vision. Even 1 beer is too much.

Why am I writing this post ? Well 2 fold. This time of year is notrious for drunk driving. Everybody needs to wind down after a hectic year. We all want to just relax, and chill. So we all go for a beer with our mates, but then we foolishly climb into our cars to drive home.

This year, Castle Lager have come to the party and have started a campaign called “Castle Designated Driver”. The campaign is a competition that allows you nominate a designated driver, which blows into a breathalyser, as they arrive at the venue, as well as when they leave. They designated is allowed to order any soft drinks for free. If you all good to go at the end of the evening, you can win a years free rides from SACAB, who castle have teamed up with for the promotion.

Lets’s all be safe this season. Let’s try and bring our death toll on our roads down, and most importantly, lets have a great festive season, safely :)

*Disclaimer: I was sent a promotional pacakge from Castle in support of the Castle Designated Driver campaign, but was not asked to write an article. I did this to help support what I think is a fantastic campaign :)

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It’s more than just driking and driving. It’s the almost total disregard that South Africans have for traffic laws. I think it safe to say that there is not a single South African that doesn’t consider it acceptable to habitually violate at least one traffic law, even if it is just going a few kilos over the speed limit. I am not innocent of this either; and do tend to do those few kilos more than I should. Sadly there are too many that go beyond this into the territory of dangerous, reckless driving.

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