Pano vs AutoStitch

I have always been a huge fan of the Pano (iTunes Link)app on the iPhone. I have taken some awesome shots, and have been amazed at its capabilities

Last week I saw a tweet where someone mentioned a new app called AutoStitch (iTunes Link), which does a similar job to Pano, by stitching photos taken on your iPhone together.

The difference comes in, that in Pano, you have to take your pictures within the app, and it only allows you to take a “single row” of images.¬†AutoStitch allows you to take your pictures before hand, and then select which images you want to stitch together. The great thing about Autostitch is that it allows you to take “multiple rows of images”. Autostitch also seems to blend the images together a lot better than what Pano does, especially when shooting a horizon Pano photo

To get an idea of what I mean, I took 2 Panoramic photos I took from a mates house, using AutoStitch and Pano.

AutoStitch (click image to enlarge)

Pano (Click image to enlarge)
Pano (click image to enlarge)

You can see by the above 2 images that the AutoStitch images has a much bigger “height” to the pano. This is because I took 2 rows of 7 pictures, while with Pano I only could take 7 pictures across. To get a better idea of how the images look, I suggest clicking on them to enlarge them. The other great feature of Autostich is that it allows you to creat an image of up to 20MP on the iPhone 3GS

So it looks like I may have found a replacement Panoramic photo app, but rumour doing the rounds is that Debacle software is busy updating the Pano app with some cool new features. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

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I just got Autostitch for my iPhone 3gs yesterday and was impressed but today heard about Pano and was wondering about which was better. Thanks for the comparison.

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