Support the Heartman on the Heart & Sole tour

I’m sure by now you may have heard about Geoff “the Heartman” Brink (madman) who is UNICYCLING from Durban to Cape Town. Yip thats right. One wheel all the way to Cape Town. 1700km. That just sounds silly. All of this to raise awareness for Landmine victims in Africa.

Pix: Hatman

Having met fellow Durban blogger, and general cool guy, Fred Hatman, who is driving the whole project, I know these guys will do it. I think they both so motivated to get to Cape Town. So far they been doing pretty well and are around the Kokstad area, after about 10 days of Unicycling. Thats pretty good going I think. But they struggling with a bit of cash $$$. They need a couple of us to chip in and help with their traveling cost’s. This includes costs for fuel, airtime accommodation and general living expenses.

There are a couple of ways you can join in and help the guys along their crazy journey, so if you got a few rands to spare, please help the dudes out. I am chipping in my bit, so I challenge you to help where you can :) To help contribute you can do one of the following:

  • Do a deposit into the Tour account. Details on the Hatmans blog on the post ->
  • You can also buy “donation credits” in bundles of R10, and stand a chance to win a Toni Rowland CD. You can use your credit card to pay using this site -> and choose the Heart & Sole tour
  • Bid to but the Heartman’s original Unicylce, with free lessons thrown in. Bidding starts at R999, and I think at the moment, bidding is sitting at about R1200. For more info check out this blog post ->

So that’s it. Please try and see if you can spare a few pennies to help the chaps. It’s all for a good cause :)

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Hey Marc, The Heartman and I are blown away to see this post. Huge ta for helping us in this way and supporting our Heart & Sole Tour. We are facing all sorts of challenges, not least the well dodgy internet connection which is hitting the tour blog in a big way. We are now in Matatiele (for purpose sof accommodation but unicycled almost to Mount Fletcher today… in unbelievable heat and, later, a strong headwind. Tomorrow we will go beyond Mt Fletch and see how close we can get to Maclear. One day at a time… actually it’s one kilometre at a time! Incredibly challenging but we are loving the adventure! Thanks again, mate. Fred

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