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Fix cracked iPhone Screen

  • On January 11, 2010
  • http:/

UPDATE: Myself & a friend have recently started up FiXi which does iPhone & iPad repairs from around the country
Using a dedicated courier service we can collect & return your phone to you wherever you are.
Drop us an email on [email protected] or visit our website for more info

I have yet to experience it, touch wood, and I hope to NEVER ever experience it. The dreaded spiderweb on the iPhone screen. I don’t know if I would laugh, or cry, but the latter sounds more probable.

Earlier today, one of my friends on twitter, asked the dreaded question, “Where can I get my cracked iPhone screen fixed”. I had heard of 2 places in Joburg that do iPhone repairs, but had never (fortunately) had to use them. The 2  places are ifixipods and GMobile Repairs (Gmob). My friend went with the guys at Gmob, and within 20 minutes her phone was fixed and working as new. They actually fix it while you wait !!

The cost to fix it at Gmob is around R1700-R1900. The prices at FiXi are much much lower :)

If you need to give your iPhone screen a makeover, give the guys at GMob a shout. They based in Northriding in Johannesburg, and their contact details are on


  1. Andrew

    I’ve been to GMob, and so has a mate of mine for all of our iPhone repairs, and they the only decent place I’ve found

  2. eKrazy

    Thanks that is good info always had my phone on a drop test and didn’t know what will happen after.

  3. Minnaar

    Thanks for the tip Marc. I expected it to cost more… Do you have any idea what Vodacom would charge as a comparison?

  4. Jason Botha

    ifixipods is such an awful place. after the trouble I had with them I would not just not recommend them to anyone but actually I would call anyone who went to them a fool.

    Here in Pretoria you take your iPod to a biltong shop where it *might* just be picked up by the end of the week (they take it to some top secret location that you aren’t even allowed to know where it is). After that you must hope to get a phone call from them… Don’t try calling them or even emailing them because they DO NOT respond. wait a few weeks and after trying to call every day of the week and leaving a message which they promise to get back to you eventually get hold of them. They say they’ll take a look at your iPhone some time in the following week.

    The next week you still don’t get an answer and you try again. This time I only got hold of them by way of email saying that I would take legal action. Finally they got their asses into gear and *assessed* my iPhone. they gave me a few options for repair (I had a broken fitting on my logic board and a broken sensor of which I even supplied the part but still it wasn’t good enough). They said they couldn’t do anything because they don’t have the right part. I sourced the part myself but still it didn’t work…. They quoted me a more than one grand repair bill which I declined, got my iPhone back and sold it as is.

    Good luck to anyone else trying ifixipods.

    @ Minnaar, as far as I know vodacom doesn’t repair iPhones, they just do replacements.

  5. Jacp

    In Cape Town, the place to go to is Mabu Vinyl ( ). They send it upstairs and assess what’s possible. The quoted a screen replacement in the R1000 range.

  6. Charles Smit

    Thanx for this blog. Good tip.

    A buddy of mine had the misfortune(maybe to much alcohol), but dropped his iPhone twice. First time vodacom quoted R3500 and the second time it was R3650.

    Cant believe you can get it done for the price mentioned.

    I wonder what else these guys can do? When my brother was on the states the was some shops that removed all the scratches from the front and back

  7. Michael

    Regarding the ifix ipods thread, I agree, the worst service, lack of communication and basically a bunch of liars.
    Be wise and avoid these people, trust me.

  8. I actually quite like my Spiderman version iphone. I cut my finger once or twice, but now all the sharp edges are rounded off and it doesn’t bother me at all. Plus I quickly know which one is mine when there are 5 phones lying down on the table, and it’s a pretty good anti-theft mechanism. No one wants to steal that shit. I see it as a feature :)

  9. R Hulme

    I just recently cracked my iPhone 3G screen on a trip down to Cape Town. I went to the iFix store in Gardens and the guys there did my phone in less than 30 mins. I think it cost R1100 all inclusive. I was very happy with the service and everyone was very friendly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needs something done. Great Service!

  10. Andrew

    Hi guys. I recently dropped my precious iPhone 3Gs in a bucket of water, within 20 minutes the phones started faulting out, LCD had no lights and mic stopped functioning. I did a quick search on google found instantly! Called them up asked me to bring it to them asap! Did as I was told… Quess what? Withing 15 minutes my phone was up and running again. Brilliant service I recomend GMobile to anyone with any iPhone issue

  11. Irwin Herridge

    Hi, I dropped my iPhone4 and both covers are cracked (front and back). I just phoned Gmob and they said that I can get my back cover fixed for R1300 and my front cover for R3000.

  12. Jacube

    Ouch!! Thats rather pricey. Spend 4000 repairing it or 9000 for a new one. Its a tough decision. I hope you come right! i Use a cheap nokia no stress of damaging it. I wish i could afford an iPhone though

  13. Roxanne

    Gmob=best way to go-15 min and he was done!!

  14. dotty

    i craked the screen of my ipod 4, i want to fix the ughly crack, pliz help.

  15. dotty

    i live in botswana, gaborone, it is 8GB

  16. Leslie charles

    The slider om my iPhone 4 freezes intermittently on receiving calls. I have to send the call to voicemail by pressing the lock button twice. I’ll be grateful on any ideas to solve this annoying problem

  17. Hi Leslie

    This is a common problem. If your unit is still under warranty it is advised to get it swapped out asap. (That is if it has never been opened before)

    Your LCD/Digitizer is faulty needs replacing.

    Kind Regards

  18. kellyma

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  19. Neal Venter

    Hi Guys,

    just discovered Fixit – Online, my phone were fixed in a couple of minutes and I must say they do have the lowest prices for quality service.
    I will definitely recommend this place to anyone using Apple products.

  20. John Roodenberg

    I’ve done a lot of research and it looks like [[retraceted]] has the best prices. Im going to give them a try and will report back.

  21. John Roodenberg

    Ok, so I bought a replacement screen for my iPhone for R360 from icrackedit and fixed myself!

    Caveat emptor:
    This DIY job is not for the faint of heart…

  22. clem

    i do agree on the one thing on your comment, this phone is magic! :-) there is one question i have though… if anybody can answer it i would be more than happy!… why is a screen replacement (also done in 10 to 20 minutes) costs only 30 to 40 euros (between 300 and 400 rands) in europe pretty much wherever you go???? i would really love to hear a good reason for that…. cheers!

  23. I took my Iphone 3gs iFix in the gardens to replace a crack screen. The phone was returned minus the volume control button, I audio was damaged and the touchscreen didn’t work properly, it was far to sensitive and everytime I answered a call the mute button would activate. I first change I had to take it back which was a week later, their response was that the technician said the button was on. The managers response was that I should have brought it back sooner. They said the technician who given a report that the vibrate button was faulty, which wasn’t the case.
    I have never been so utterly frustrated with service. The volume button was intact when I took it to them. When I asked for the owners telephone number they said they could not provide me with the number. I was so infuriated that I slammed the gate behind me – never to return again to a company which delivers the worst service of all the so-called apple service centres. I have used apples for more than 20 years. The service levels from all of them Project 3 Istore etc is appalling.
    iFix will never see me again and I will always remember walking out of the store with a sense of regret that I had gone there in the first place.

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  25. Juan Voges

    Reading through these posts I felt compelled to say something as it definitely isn’t a true reflection of what’s going on.

    I have on numerous occasions used iFix and their service has never been anything but outstanding! They’ve bent over backwards for me before to accommodate if I was in a hurry.

    Seeing that Marc Forrest now also runs a similar type of service this blog post is most certainly biassed, unless as a professional blogger should, he can differentiate personal gain from true journalism.

    Give iFix a try, or give Fixi a try, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t believe everything you read on the internet as I’ve ALWAYS only had great experiences with iFix.

  26. Yo Juan. Thanks for the comment.
    If you look a bit closer,
    a) I was in no way running down ANY service provider.
    b) This post was written waaay before I started Fixi, and only updated it after I started it
    c) Surely with it being MY BLOG, which I PAY FOR, surely I can try and promote my own business ?

    Yes ?

  27. Juan Voges

    Hi Marc

    By all means you are allowed to promote your own business on your own blog. Kudos to you for not moderating my post btw.

    I just felt the need to comment as the whole tone of this thread has been very negative towards ifix and based on my experience with them they’ve been nothing but superb.

    People have enough tools to their disposal to make an informed decision. Whether they use iFix or Fixi or whoever, doesn’t matter.

    My experience with iFix was awesome and I felt the need to state that.

    best of luck with your new business


  28. 100% agree. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated :)