Cape Town Shark Attack

News broke on Twitter today by a Fishhoek resident,Gregg Coppen, who goes by the Twitter handle of Skabenga, who allegedly saw something “colourful” getting dragged down into the water from the house above the bay.

Image taken by Gregg Coppen (via Twitter)
Image taken by Gregg Coppen (via Twitter)

After breaking the news on twitter, with the tweet below, Ambulances were apparently converging on the scene at the beach.

By the sounds of things, the Shark was of monster size, and didn’t look like your average shark.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s a Great White shark, who went by the name of “Submarine“, was synonymous with Cape Town beach goers. The story was started as hoax by journalists, which then grew into an urban legend. By the sounds of things today, Submarine could well be back.

It has since been confirmed, by the NSRI,  that a person was attacked by a Great White Shark off Fish Hoek beach earlier today. It is really sad that this had to happen, but the NSRI had issued Shark warnings just this morning. We need to remember the sea is powerful, and so are some of the animals that live in the sea. Would you walk around the Kruger Park without a guide ?

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As I tweeted earlier:

Why do people get so upset about shark attacks? would you be shocked if a jogger was eaten by a lion while jogging in the Kruger park?

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