Wordcrasher iPhone game

The other day Mike sent out a tweet about an awesome new game that was being launched on the 11th. Curious I checked out the website to get a better idea of what it was all about

The game called, Wordcrasher (Opens iTunes Link),  is an awesome new word game. Think Tetris meets Scrabble meets Bejeweled. Ok, not that complicated, but something along those lines.

Basically the game drops in various letters through different stages, and you need to complete words from the letters. To get a better idea of what I mean check out this video:

I downloaded the game yesterday, and haven’t been able to put it down. So far I managed to get to level 5, and struggling along. There is also a flood mode, which drops the letters in, but you need to create the words before the water level reaches the top of the screen. You are also able to see global leader boards, and share scores on Twitter & Facebook, using OpenFeint.

Snap QR code to download

The game is on special for this week for $0.99 and then it goes up to $1.99. If words are your friend, I highly recommend this game :)

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Likewise – it is my new addiction. I’ve only managed level 5 as well. I am dropping down the OpenFeint rankings as more people pick up the game. I will get back up though ….

First Doodle Jump and then this … I am never going to be productive again. So addictive

Love the game, but it really needs a resume feature after a call… really annoying to shatter all records and then dring dring bye bye high score

Hi Steph, I have resume working in the new update. A couple of days of testing, then I’ll upload it to Apple. I’ll be posting on my Facebook site and Twitter accounts when it’s up.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback Kevin. I had the ame issue yesterday, when I got a call while in the middle of a game.
Otherwise, an awesome awesome& addictive game :)
Thanks for taking the time out to comment here

Wow that’s customer support!
Thanks absolutely love the game and for the moment I even put my device in flight mode not to be disturbed :)

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