Apple launches the iPad

Well tonight was the big night all the geeky geeks were waiting for. Uncle Steve promised us a new little something, and spent almost 2 hours telling us about Apple’s latest creation, the iPad

To be honest, I’m not blown away. From what it sounds like, it sounds like an awesome device, but all I can see in it is a big iPod touch. Starting at $499, we can look at about R5000 in South Africa for the entry level 16GB WiFi only device. There is a 3G version available, but won’t be available for another 30 days after launch and for $130 extra

Where I could see this device being used is if you travel alot. You can work on all your documents in the revamped iWork. One thing that is missing is a camera, preferably a front facing camera, which would have been perfect for Skype conversations. The addition of a book reader seems quite cool, and Apple will be launching an iBook store.

I guess, once I get my hands on one, I may change my mind, we can only wait.

To check out more pictures and get more info on the phone, check out

Check out the official Apple Page and watch the video to see more of the iPad –

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I was initially very disappointed, but I am starting to get psyched up. It’s cheaper than I thought it would be, and to be honest – this will take over a lot of things I use my iPhone for (meeting notes, browsing the web and reading ebooks and answering emails in bed, etc). Also, the Internet was made for browsing by hand…

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