Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk

Many of us know Jamie Oliver for his awesome cooling skills, and TV programmes, as well as his great cookbooks, of which I am sure we all have a copy lying around somewhere.

Jamie was invited to speak at the TED 2010 conference in California last week, and the topic he spoke about was “Teach every child about food

Being a father to 3 gorgeous children, the video is an eye opener about the food we eat and  feed our children. America has a huge problem with obesity, and to be honest, South Africa is not far behind. I’ll be the first to admit, that I’m overweight, and watching the video of his talk, really made me think about what we eat. Watching some of the American kids in that video was quite heart sore to say the least, where they weren’t even able to tell the difference between a tomato or a potato.

Spare yourself 20 minutes, and sit down and watch the video of Jamie Olivers Ted talk. It really is an eye opener, and makes you think about the food we eat, and feed our children.

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