WhatsApp Review

Another fantastic post by Stephane Reinstein (@divemasterza) looking at the very cool WhatsApp iPhone App
Ever been jealous of BBM, the Blackberry to Blackberry messenger, well I have been.

There are a few solutions available on the Appstore, but in my opinion non that match Whatsapp (0.99$)  (Appstore link)

It can detect other iPhone users in your address book who are running the app, and add them automatically. This auto-discovery is done on every launch of the app.

It obviously uses Push notification to alert you of incoming messages, but the great bonus of this app is that it is also available for BB users, and you can send messages across platform.

I admit it is quite difficult to convince BBM users to download an additional app!

You can send

  • Voice Message
  • Text Message
  • Google map pins
  • Pictures, taken from the camera or from the album (pictures are downsized before sending)
  • .vcf cards

I have tried it with friends locally and overseas: it is almost instantaneous and you get a delivery and read notification! I think this is one more nail in the MMS coffin.