PayPal in South Africa

I have just finished paying for my plane ticket up to Jozi to attend the launch next week Thursday, of the PayPal & FNB partnership in South Africa. The function takes place in Jozi, and I will be putting all the info I have about the partnership on my blog as soon as I have it.

What does this mean for us, South Africans ? Well now we will finally be able to accept money through PayPal into an FNB account. This is huge for South African’s as it now allows us to do online business with the rest of the world, without incurring high bank costs for Credit card transactions, as as has been in the norm in the past. This means that anybody will be able to see anything online, and receive money without any hassles.

It looks like both FNB & PayPal have started adjusting their systems to allow for this, and I’m sure we will soon start seeing the benefits of this partnership. Like I said above, as soon as I have any further info, you can get it here first ;)

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Hi Marc

Please let me know as soon as you know more. Many of my translation clients in Europe only uses Paypal. I am currently only able to receive money via moneybookers. I read about these prospects a while ago when it was still just rumors, so I cannot wait!!!
Say hi to Les and kids

Hello Marcy Marc. I just posted the link in a message to Mel, Bosom Buddies, Tertia’s sister. Hope she comes over and has a read. Thought it would be super cool if she could get overseas donations for her charity.

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