Big Big Brandplus for eBucks

Disclaimer: I was in no way asked to write this post, or compensated in any way

I have always loved eBucks. The fact that I am getting rewarded for spending money makes a huge difference to me. Every year I used to accumulate my eBucks till December then “splash out” on a Woolworths Gift card which we would use to help buy kids presents and things around Christmas time.
When the opportunity came up to attend the South African PayPal launch next week, I really wanted to make an effort of getting to the event. I wanted to be part of this ground breaking event, so I went through all the options of getting up to Jozi for the day. At first there was a slight possibility I would have had a sponsored flight, but on Tuesday morning I had a brainwave.
I know Kulula has partnered with eBucks so you can use your eBucks to buy plane tickets. So I went onto the eBucks site, and searched for flights to and from Jozi for the day. As I was searching for flights I saw Kulula had a special on flights from Durbs to Lanseria for R299 each way, which would work out to R600 return. I contemplated hauling out the credit card, but then checked my eBucks balance. I had a balance of about R560 in my eBucks. Just short. So I went through the process of purchasing the tickets,with the intention of part paying,  and to my surprise I found that I qualified for a 20% discount. Bingo !!
So I used my eBucks to buy the ticket to Jozi, which worked out 100%, and in essence cost me “nothing”.

Then yesterday afternoon I tweeted about my score:

Seriously, about 10 minutes later I got the following tweet reply from @eBucksRewards:

How awesome is that. Coming from small town like Ballito, where I only have to deal with 3 car traffic congestion, I was rather (petrified) worried about having to deal with Jozi traffic. So now. I have a Avis Point to Point transfer picking me up at the airport, dropping me off at the PayPal event, and then dropping me off in Centurion where I will spend the night.

Now that’s a BrandPlus in my books. Well done to eBucks for listening and using twitter to engage with their clients. This is how social media should be used, and I think they doing just the right job :) Thanks eBucks.

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I have been using eBucks since the beginning when they had a partnership with MTN (No longer in place). I have been accumulating the precious eBucks for a while, and last year it paid fully for my HD PVR @ Makro. What a good feeling to walk out with top consumer goods for free! Well done to eBucks.
Well done to strategic partnerships
Well done on being proactive and listening to your customers

Note to Marc : You obviously forgot Ballito in December where traffic started on Compensation rd offramp all the way past the fire station :)

Ja, it would work well if I could actually get FNB to link my FNB Gold Cheque account with my eBucks account. It worked fine for the first 3 months, now they cant explain why it was unlinked and they say they have relinked it back, but I haven’t not seen any rewards for over 6 months now.

Hey Justin, I would suggest pinging the ebucks guys on twitter. Or maybe even @RBJacobs ?

Yeah, I’m quite a fan of eBucks, especially since they give more points to Platinum card holders! ;)

That’s seriously impressive, well done eBucks! I’m loving that the bigger brands are finally getting in on the digital & social media game. It’s fun for their consumers, and I’m so much more passionate about their businesses now.

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