Matthew Hayden’s Mongoose bat

If you been following the IPL Pro20 series that is currently underway in India, you may have noticed Australian  and Chennai Super Kings Batsmen Matthew Hayden coming out to the middle with a rather odd-looking bat.

The bat, called “The Mongoose“, has been specifically been designed for Pro20 cricket. The blade of the bat is 33% shorter than a standard cricket bat, while the handle is 43% longer. The bat apparently also provides about 20% more power to the batsmen using it.

It’s great to see innovation been made in Cricket, and especially in Pro20. This bat definitely looks like it could be a game changer. For more info on the Mongoose bat, check out the informative information on the Wikipedia Page

4 replies on “Matthew Hayden’s Mongoose bat”

Hi Marc,
Thank you for that, we saw the mongoose last night for the first time and we had a big debate about it- mainly how it could improve the batsman’s skill. Will have to forward this to hubby… :)

Apparently the bat isn’t shorter than the normal bats – although it appears that way.
It was therefor funny to see Hayden get run out while using the bat in last nights game.
My first thought was that if he had a normal bat, he would have been in.
Obviously not true – but it would be interesting to find out if it handles differently when you’re running with it.
I can imaging sliding a ‘brick’ into the crease must take some getting used to.

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