Magic Sheet iPhone app

I came across this really cool app developed by another South African iPhone app developer, Juliaan Evenwel, called Magic Sheet – $0.99 (iTunes link) This is Juliaan’s first app, and I have to admit it’s a very cool little app. The design of the app is well done, and the graphics he has used make the app look pretty slick :)

The app is pretty basic in functionality, but is a real mind boggler when trying to catch out your mates. When the app opens up, you choose (think of)  a number from a sheet of numbers. Using a couple of Yes & No questions, the app will eventually tell you which number you picked. Very clever :)

I also have 5 promo codes to give away for you to give the app a bash. To win a promo code, retweet this post using the Retweet button on the side of the post, or just leave a comment below. I will choose a winner using Competition closes on Friday 2nd April at 12pm.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the new app that Juliaan is working on. I have been helping a bit on the side, and I can promise you it is going to be a cracker :)

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