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The boys from Glucode and the Girls from Rubio Communications have done it again. They have successfully created what could be claimed as South Africa’s first addictive iPhone game, called “Hemmed in” which costs $1.99 (iTunes Link). (Be sure to check to the end of the article, I have a couple of promo codes to give away ;0))

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The game, which is based on a favorite childhood game called “Dots & Boxes”. Remember ? That game you used to play against your sibling where you had to draw a line between the dots to make a square and the person with the most squares wins ? Yip, thats the one. Except, the team that developed the app, have made it look really really cool, and totally addictive. So much so, that my 5 year old and I are jostling for iPhone supremecy on “Hemmed in”. Ever had a 5 year old beat you at a game you used to be a master of when you were 5 ? Eish…. ;)

To get an idea of what the game is all about, check out the video below:

The game also has a couple of challenging levels which make it a bit more tough to beat the computer. The awesome thing about the game though, for me, is the ability to play against another hemmed in player, using the built in 2 player mode, using Bluetooth.

Here is the info on the app from the app store:

A fun game of strategy, Hemmed In is all about taking turns to join the buttons and beat your opponent by closing a square before they can cotton on!

‘Hem in’ a square to win a point, with the winner being the player with the most points once the entire grid has been filled.

This puzzle game is the perfect time killer while you’re waiting for the train, sitting on a plane or when you just need to zone out. For a low price you’ll have loads of fun stitching up your opponent in Hemmed In.

Hemmed In is based on a the classical puzzle game most commonly known as Dots and Boxes. This pencil and paper game was first published in 1889 by Édouard Lucas and is also known as:
– Dots
– Smart Dots
– Boxes
– Squares
– Carrie’s Dots
– Dots and Dashes
– Paddocks
– Dot Boxing

All in all, the game is very very cool, and I can see myself and my 5 year old spending many many hours in front of the iPhone fighting this one out :)

For more info, check out the official Hemmed in app site – If you would like to win a copy of “Hemmed in”, simply retweet this post using the retweet button on the top right hand side of this post, and by 8pm today (Tuesday), I will do a random draw for 4 peeps to win a promo code (US store only !!)

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I very much doubt that this app is worth $2. I can hardly compare this to the apps which I get for that price in the US app store (thanks to your helpful section I have been able to create an account and use the US app store).

Nice idea, but should be a free app or $1.

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