Apple launches iPhone OS4

Apple today announced the iPhone OS4 operating system for iPhone.The event was held at Apples HQ in San Fransisco earlier today. Here are a couple of highlights of the event:

  • Apple have already sold 450k iPads since Saturday !!!
  • 3.5 Million iPad apps have been downloaded already
  • iPhone has a 64% Mobile Browser usage share in the US
  • Over 85 Million iPhones & iPod Touches sold already
  • Dev preview of OS4 released today
  • over 1500 new API’s for developers
  • released to the public in South African winter (June/July) and to the iPad in Spring (Sep/Oct)
  • Some of the new iPhone OS4 features may not be able to run on the older 3G and 2nd Gen iPod models.
  • 7 new “Awesome Features” (Tentpoles according to Steve)
    1. MULTITASKING !!! – Woot, this will be big :)  Access your open apps by double clicking the home button. The software is also designed not to make your battery drain when using multitasking
        • Audio For apps like Pandora or Radiopod
        • Voip for Apps like Skype or FNB connect
        • Background location, so services like Tom Tom or NDrive can run in the background while using other apps
        • Push notifications
        • Local notifications means your notifications can now running on the phone instead of going through a server
        • Task completion, so now apps can load stuff in the background, like Pictures in Flickr
        • Fast App switching, means you can now switch to another app quickly
      • Couple of different API’s that allow you to run the app in the background
    2. Folders
      Eish, I need this function. I’m running out of screen space on my iPhone, and can never find my apps. Now I am able to create a folder where I can store specific apps like, games, utilities etc. VERY cool ! Now instead of having 180 apps I can have over 2,000.
    3. Enhanced Mail
      • You can now have a unified inbox, meaning all your mail accounts will be in 1 mail programme. No need to switch back between accounts
      • You can now also filter by thread, so you can keep track of conversations easier, much like GMail does
    4. iBooks comes to the iPhone. Yip, now we can spend more money-making Apple rich and Amazon poorer. Good move. Going to be interesting to see the books literally flying off the shelves
    5. Enterprise Features
      By adding a whole bunch of security features, now opens a whole new door for Companies to start implementing the iPhone into the workforce. They can now also deploy apps wirelessly to devices.
    6. Game Center
      • Over 50,000 game titles on the iPhone !!
      • Apple have added a Social gaming network, that now allows us to challenge and compete against friend. Brilliant concept. Keen to see how this one takes off
    7. iAd
      Apart from being the shortest name of an Apple Product (apart from i), Apple is now allowing Developers access to ad revenue in Free apps. So put Apple ads in your app, and you can make money from your free app. Clever ! Estimating over a BILLION ad impressions per day.WOW. The ads will also run “within” the app. Gonna be interesting to see how they implement that. 60% of the revenue goes to the developer. Not bad, Nige !
      The ad platform looks very cool, and opens up a whole new market to iPhone app ad developers. You can interact with the ads, by playing games, using location based services etc. This will be interesting for things like Gowalla and Foursquare which will now be able to use Location Based ads (Thanks Mike :) )

The new iPhone OS4 is only scheduled for release in about 3 months time, so hold onto your horses, this will be an interesting update. I can’t wait. What you think ? Leave your comments below

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Wow. Some really cool new features that I can’t wait for! Like multitasking and folders! What are the chances that all the features work on my good “old” 3G!? The last time there was such a big upgrade there was the launch of the 3Gs. iPhone 4 on the way maybe?

I reckon without a doubt that a new iPhone is coming in 3 months… Great summary Marc! Thanks for the post. Can’t wait for the update!

Unfortunately multitasking will not be available on 3G models. time to upgrade to 3Gs

Nice Summary! I personally cant wait for the upgrade. Though i will have to upgrade my old 3g in the process! I

want to see what the iPhone haters have to say now!

I am even so keen that I want to install the Beta…. Now to figure out how to do that….. :}}}

This is awesome… This is going to blow the iPhone and iPad into the next level….. Cant wait…..

Win 7 / Andriod… Blah Blah Blah….Try match this…

Also trying to decide if get a iPad from USA or wait till it hits local….????

It a great year for Tech… and new iPhone in May/June… Cant wait…

Just looking at the presentation given it looks like 3G 2nd Gen will support OS4 But…. it seems to clarify that multitasking might not work ?? Will have to wait and see…

11:02AM “We are releasing it for end users for iPhone and iPod touch for users this summer. For the 3GS and iPod touch 3rd gen. And, for iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen, they will run many things… but there are some things they won’t run, like multitasking.”

Download done… (on 3G took forever…) So far the OS look snappier with a faster Mobile safari. Folders is my favorite. Drag an icon into another and it will create a folder. You can rename the folder, but by default it takes the first app genre as a name eg. games. You can maintain folders as well on your iTunes 9.2. NO Multitasking support on my old 3G, and no apps supporting it yet so no comment on that. It would be so nice to have Skype going “dormant” (and the promised 3G calls for that effect). Another favorite is finally the unified mailbox what a pleasure! Threads are indicated by a double > on the right side of the header. New icons for Mail and calculator. The Apple / Adobe relationship is going really sour with Apple forbidding the use of any other compiler but the native one. with CS5 launching next week the feature of Flash to iPhone compiler is being killed.
Skype was not happy about OS4, displaying a message that it needs an unmodified version 3.x.x OS to run and exited, After a relaunch all worked fine.
To summarise a real update with new features. Exciting!

Much to be thrilled and excited about! Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the insider’s track guy…
Time to make use of the Vodacom upgrade to 3GS 32GB.

i like how Apple seperate product/software announcement with actual release of the product/software.

way to great hype…

@Adiel – with Apple it’s all a question of timing :)

iPad – Personal Tax rebate in US – get some cash back and spend it wisely

OS4.0 – Corporate earning season in US. $AAPL share at all time high (around 242$ was 82$ 20 months ago)
Yet don’t root for dividends $AAPL is not generous everything goes back to them. Does not matter it is the darling of the market!

For the quirky note Apple has enough cash (around 50 Billion US) to match the GDP of 10 of the less productive states in US

Beta2 came out last night (8A248c). Can’t say it was too soon Beta1 was [email protected]$%ing terrible.After 2.5Gigs download (Thanks you uncapped) I can say so far it looks much much faster. 22nd June is the rumored date for the Next Generation iPhones, very likely it is going to be the public release of OS4.0 has well

Still lots of little gogos to squash in ?2
Camera not saving images, numerous crash of the build in apps, The data handling of the baseband is quite buggy.
WWDC is in SF from 7-11 June we should have something a bit more stable by then. GM release at that date????

Beta 3 – So much better!
Battery – No charge bug – Squashed
Camera – No save in camera roll – Squashed
Hangs & Crashes – still one in App store – overall improved
Speed and usability – vastly improved
Data Handling – improved
Mobile Safari – might be faster than opera now. Especially in pages with many jpg
Finally my old faithful 3G is usable again :)

Beta 4 just out
their we go another 200 megs for the OS and 2.3 Gig for the SDK ….
Will let you know after the install what’s new

From what I can see not much in Beta 4
I have talked to a couple of people they also can see much
It feels really like a maintenance release before the GM release

What I can see is mainly baseband related.
1) the 3 second audio blackout when answering a call is fixed
2) the phone no longer believes it is in roaming (Operators added to baseband)
3) fixed some accessory charging issue (The BMW USB ipod connector charges again)

Still does not play enhanced audio books

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