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Get a US iTunes account

Get a US iTunes account
  • On April 8, 2010
  • http:/

I know I have blogged this before, but I get requests daily from people asking on how to open a US iTunes account, as well as it IS a must have, so I decided it’s best to just post it again :)

I have had a couple of requests from people asking me where to buy iTunes Vouchers, and after a whole lot of research, I have found that the local guys seem to be the best. If you don’t have a PayPal account, and want to use your credit card to purchase vouchers, I suggest using

I can undoubtedly say, that this is probably the most important thing that you can do when you have an iPhone or iPad. By having a US iTunes account, you are able to download all of the cool apps, compared to whats available on the crappy South African store. You can also buy songs from the iTunes store.

You can now also get a Full Downloadable guide or we can even set up the account for you ->

Hows how to do it:

      • At the bottom of the screen in the iTunes store page, choose United States from the drop down. Make sure you are signed out of the SA iTunes Store if you have one
        Choose US Store
      • On the right of the US iTunes store you should see the Top 10 Free Apps. Select anyone one of these apps, and click get app. Be sure you select a FREE app with no in app purchases. To make it easier, simply click on this link, which will download an app I help develop, SA Lotto App (BE SURE TO SELECT A FREE APP, otherwise this will NOT work !!!! )
        Top 10 Free AppsGet App 
      • You will now be asked if you would like to sign in with an existing account or if you want to create a new account. Click “Create New Account”
        Create New Account
      • Go through all the steps required to create a new account.

        • When selecting your address you will need to put in a US physical address. There is validation done, so it needs to ensure you have a valid address. You can use to generate an address & telephone number, or simply use the address of a fancy hotel in the US that you “own” :)Apple have recently implemented an address verification system on the address. My suggestion is to use a hotel address in Florida or a head office of some big shot corporate company in California. Google is your friend ;)
        • Use a valid email address, as you need to verify the account before you can use it. You will need to use a different email address to what you have registered to the South African store, otherwise it will shout at you. A neat trick is if you use a Gmail address, for eg. [email protected], you can also use [email protected] and you will still get the mail. Put a dot anywhere in your gmail address and you instantly have a new email address. Clever hey :)
      • When you get to the”Provide a Payment Method” of the signup, you are asked for payment details. Make sure you choose NONE on the right. Make sure you also have United states selected at the bottom

Payment Type

  • You now have a fully fledged US iTunes account, but only able to get free apps ? But wait, there is more. Buy a iTunes voucher, load it onto your account, and you can now buy all the cool apps as well. Go to EvoPoints , iTunesUSA or WildTwigwho accept PayPal, and then you can buy vouchers which are emailed to you from the above site. Works a charm. Once you have your code after buying it, simply click on the Redeem option in iTunes, or Redeem on the Featured tab on the iPhone app store.

I have been using this method for ages now and have never had any issues. Leave a comment if you get stuck :)


  1. dan

    Has anyone tried buying stuff with SA card linked paypal on a US account ?

  2. Not only do you get all the cool iPhone apps, but you can also buy or rent digital movies, TV series, and music! Works a charm.

  3. Andre

    @Dan Yes. No go. Also tried an Entropay card. couldn’t bluff it around. Vouchers, as Marc says.

  4. Gresh

    @Dan – You need to have a Credit Card that is registered in the US in order to buy stuff. Ive tried, the site knows your card is registered else where! Buy the Itunes Voucher like Marc says, really is easy, and it works.

  5. Ruan

    I wonder if an FNB Paypal account may work…

  6. Rinus

    You probably should warn people that this does break the EULA of the US Store and that Apple has the right to freeze your account if they want to.

    I haven’t heard of this happening before, but it is possible.

  7. wilks

    there must be places around online selling us itunes store gift cards. if so, get one using paypal and use th. I guess no CC / matching address necessary. any thoughts?

  8. Neil

    I have tried this and there is no “None” option. I either have to enter a CC or Paypad and I am guessing neither will work if they are registered in SA?

  9. Amit

    Does this mean I need to create a South Africa itunes account to purchase a voucher, and then load that voucher onto my US itunes account?

  10. Rory

    Way too cool!!!
    Thank you, Mark!

  11. Mattymaky

    Thanks in advance for that. If I buy a TV show from the new US account and I then sync my Ipod Touch will I lose all the other shows that I bought with my UK account?

  12. marc

    when trying to open the account the option for none no longer comes up , what do you do now

  13. ekrazy

    tried registering using Paypal.. it doesn’t work on the US Account. i think this option Marc sent is the better option at the moment.

  14. Dawn

    i’ve been buying apps since day one without even knowing that there was a problem! i have a .me subscription (R790 odd a year) and even tho i use my SA credit card to renew subs yearly, I have full access to the app store… my credit card charges me aprox R1.40 per $0.99c app for currency conversion…. so whats all this hoopla guys? just get a .me subscription, its worth it in many many ways….

  15. Hoekstes

    Damn, the None option has been removed. What now?

  16. Hey Marc – I am having a problem althought I am trying this from an apple mac computer not an iphone – but there is no option to select ‘none’ with the payment and its not recognising my voucher number.

    Does this only work for an iphone?

    Many thanks,

  17. Rob

    I have sone UK GBP Itunes vouchers – can these be redeemed via a US iTunes account or does one have to create a UK account? If so what process does one follow?

  18. @Rob As far as I know you can’t use UK vouchers in the US store. May be worth a try though ?

  19. sam

    i did that but the app wont go on to my ipod touch it says something about thecomputer but the instructions to fix it wont pop up again

  20. Michael

    Hi there. I am having major problems. The website that I go to doesn’t have many of the links that you mention. Can you please give me the details of the website that I must go to? many thanks, Michael

  21. alex k

    Can you gift apps from an American account to a South African account? wil it allow you to download it in south africa?

  22. New2This

    I tried this method, but just before I can move on to Step #6, I keep getting “Please contact iTunes support to complete this transacation.” … Is this a new thing in iTunes 10.1? Any way around this?

  23. Brave new world

    thank you for post- i am stuck without the none option-
    So ..if I use a u.s credit card (not mine),register the new u.s account and buy a voucher here there is no risk of the card owner getting charged??
    btw-I do not want to buy any apps -just free things
    thanks in advance

  24. Gary Howison


    I know you have blogged this so many times. It looks like they have taken the none payment option away when creating a account. any new ideas


  25. Hi Gary. Are you 100% sure you selected a free app at the beginning of the process ?

  26. Sheldon

    the phone number wont work i tried everything i changed it to new york and type the number it keeps on asking me for in help???

  27. Concerned

    @Rinus is right to mention that this process is in violation of the Apple iTunes Licence agreement and is similar to software piracy- music, apps, TV shows etc purchased in this way are not legal. Sad but true! If you want to buy music online legally in SA the only viable option right now is to use the Nokia OVI music store. R80 for most CDs and R8 per single track. There is currently no legal way to buy movies or tv shows online in South Africa. SAdly.

  28. Works like a dream!! Thanks so much

  29. Cas

    I’ve been using my normal SA itunes account since I got my iPhone. SO, I have a large number of apps on my phone, and on iTunes on my PC.

    What will happen to these apps if I create a US iTunes account? Will I be able to use apps from both accounts at the same time?

  30. I found a great place to buy US iTunes vouchers. Since i opened my US account, my iPhone has been so great. It really is worth looking at.

  31. Bevan

    looks like they have removed the “none” option on the payment selection… I guess they’re on to us!

  32. Bruce smith

    Current iTunes doesn’t have none option and you credit card doesn’t have the correct end 3 digits

  33. Ashly

    Worked well thanks alot, just one question can i still use both accounts ie sa and usa or should i just stick to one of them. thanks again.

  34. @Ashly Best to just choose one.The US one. You can still sync and upgrade your apps using your SA one if you have already purchased apps

  35. Ashly

    thanks marc. just another thing can i authorize the us one or is that not advisable.and can i syn them from both accounts.

  36. Yip you can authorise both accounts, but best just to sync from one

  37. Ashly

    sorry. when you say sync would that be the songs only or everything and which one should i sync from. i hate to sound like a pain but i want to do it right.

  38. Di Kruger

    They have removed the none option from the payment method – any way around this?

  39. Nichoas

    How do youdo iy now because theyve removed the ‘none’ option please help

  40. Nicholas

    they’ve removed the none option please help

  41. Hey Nicholas.
    They haven’t removed the none option, you NEED to ensure you are selecting a FREE app at the beginning of the process.


  42. Di Kruger

    We do select FREE apps and still do not get the NONE option!

  43. @Di

    I just tested now by setting up a new account, and it worked 100% and gave the None option.
    Also make sure you have selected the US store when started out

  44. Di Kruger

    Thanks Marc could you tell me which product you chose as although they say free obviously some are not. thank you!

  45. Nicholas

    Thanks Marc :)

    Just wanna now how do you ensure your’e free app cause it says I gotta give my credit card no.

    Thanks again

  46. lathan

    Now you can also get itunes vouchers at [deleted]…. best rates in South Africa.

    Edited: Thanks for the comment, but this is not an advertising site !

  47. Angy

    Thank you

  48. Cathy

    I made the mistake of not selecting the FREE app before going on to Register… read the comments and went back and the NONE option was there!! Thanks so much! feel an idiot as see you’ve even highlighted this in RED!! :D

  49. Cathy

    Just encountered a prob when I went to sync to the phone the SA Lotto and another Free app… it tells me that I am not authorised to sync to this ocmputer and advises I go to settings to do so. Is this ok? Have I missed a step?

  50. Dion

    Hi Marc,
    I have been using a US iTunes account for a few months now and has worked well. I have noticed from yesterday that I can’t update any of my apps? Any ideas?

  51. Sam

    Howzit Marc,

    I’ve been searching the internet for several months when I first got my iPod Touch 2nd Gen. in 2009 on how to get a US iTunes store account.

    When I finally found out how I created one with a gift voucher and chose “None” as payment method, those days you couldn’t just created an account when buying a free app.

    It all went well until I got the craving to actually by stuff from the store, but I never trusted Gift Cards you had to buy online.

    I then created a PayPal account, linked my credit card with it and tried to use PayPal as my payment method but it still gave me an error that you need to have a valid funding source in the United States.

    All-and-all, in respond to Dan and ruan, it is indeed possible to buy directly from PayPal with your South African credit card on the US iTunes store. No more need for any “Gift Card” nonsense.

    Now Marc, I’m a bit scared to post this on the internet as I don’t know whether somebody has done this before and I really don’t want Apple to pick up on this whole.

    Please email me for further info mate.

  52. Vince

    Sam and all – I created a paypal account with a beverley hills hotel as my address and hooked it up to my ccard. All fine and verified and everyone happy. Hoever, when I created a US Itunes account there is NO OPTION for “None” as shown on the blog, you have to choose some form of payment, which i did – Paypal, because our pal, Sam here, said he did it less than a month ago according to his post above – however, when I tried to link paypal in US with my iTunbes account in US, it bombed saying that: “ERROR DETECTED” This Recipient requires that you have a valid funding source from United States (sic) in order to complete this transaction.”

    Now what?

  53. Sam

    Vince, mail me…

    [email protected]

  54. Joe Biden

    Is this legal?

  55. Q

    Hi Marc

    Of those lists of places where we can get iTunes vouchers from, which do you think is most reliable?

  56. I have never had any issues with any of the guys. I use iTunesUSA the most to buy my vouchers as they have a great support system as well as instant delivery. Otherwise all the other guys are not bad at all :)

  57. I have recently started a site, the info you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  58. Thanks I tried this and it totally worked for me. This was really helpful :)

  59. Leroi

    Hi there. I hope you can help me. I created a uk iTunes account. Had a voucher that I bought in London. Activated everything and bought a few songs. Now my whole iTunes library is gone and I have the 6 songs I bought in it’s place. What am I doing wrong?

  60. Mel

    Do you know why all the apps from my US account do not open on my iphone. They load, but when I select them they just go black & then close? Any suggestions

  61. Nice read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

  62. Sean

    Hi There, Hope you guys can help me out, so I got myself a us itunes account, but now Im unsure on how I should register my ipad…. It keeps the address I put in for the itunes account. Will this affect my warranty…?
    Reply would be greatly appreciated!!

  63. Samuel

    Hi Sean,

    Storing a US iTunes store account on any Apple device won’t affect its warranty at all.


  64. Odette


    Thanks so much for all the valuable info on this site.

    So just to summarise (please correct if I’m wrong)…this is how I can do things.

    1) Register iPad with my SA account
    2) Use SA account when I sync with my PC
    3) Create US account for apps not available in SA store
    – Buy vouchers from 3rd-party site & pay for apps in iTunes
    4) Switch between the two accounts to use the respective apps in each
    – My movies, pictures and music that I synced using my SA account will only be available when I sign in with that account
    – To use my regular email I have to sign in with my SA account
    5) I cannot transfer US apps to my SA account (?)

  65. ash

    It seems as though the newly launched iTunes Match service requires a US credit card on file, which is a pity.

    Has anyone found a way around this requirement yet? Failing that, how do we open a US bank account from South Africa?

  66. osman

    When i try to verify my apple id. i get the message that this id is linked to another email address.
    i’ve tried using 3 different emails with different information. nothing seems to work.
    have they figured this trick out at apple??

  67. Charles

    Hi Marc
    The guys at Apple have figured a way to stop the loophole! Heavens know why because they are making money through the vouchers? Tried 4 email addresses and the message when I verified was always”This email address is no longer associated with an Apple ID”. Could anyone help please?

  68. Ryan

    Would this only work rom a pc or can I do I do this from mi iPad?

  69. Hi Marc, Any way around this is you do not have a US PayPal account?

  70. Stuart

    You are a legend, it worked like a dream

  71. adiel

    MArc: I’ve created a few accounts using this method.
    I just tried again now & get a message that says: Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction.

    Using latest iTunes for Windows
    Used a NY address

    Fifth Avenue and 57th Street
    New York NY 10022

    Any ideas?

  72. Definitely imagine that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the net the easiest factor to take note of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed even as other people consider concerns that they plainly do not realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  73. Nicola

    Woohoo! Worked like a charm, first time! Thanks a mil! :)

  74. GVE

    No Go, Keeps on telling me to contact support? What am I doing wrong. I followed the instructions to the letter. Used Honda in Torrence addy.

  75. Andrew

    YOU DA MAN ! – been looking for a way to do this FOREVER !

  76. Fuaad

    I have had it with this crap! Jeepers. I did everything up to creating a brand new Pay Pal account with an American address. Now there is a problem. This Pay Pal account requires a credit or debit card from the US. I have no idea how to progress from this point.

    This is my current financial situation. I have a MasterCard with Std Bank. I have used it to purchase apps on the SA iStore. I really want a US iStore account. (F who doesnt??)

    Friends have mentioned creating a Kenyan account…Anyone know how this procedure might work?

  77. Lawrence

    A tip for those of you out there paying more than the set rate for itunes gift vouchers – you can buy any US itunes gift voucher at purchase price from (American retailer) and get it delivered via email. They sometimes even have deals selling them at slightly lower than the set price. Tried this with a S.A. cheque card and to works fine.

  78. mariam

    what to do if they told me to contact itunes support to complete this transaction ?

  79. Samuel

    Just go ahead and contact iTunes Support for the country you have an account with!

    It happened to me several times and the US Store’s Support team is very helpful and friendly.

  80. Lizette

    will this work in South Africa?

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