King Shaka International Airport opens 1 May 2010

On my way to work this morning, I drove past the new Durban Airport King Shaka International Airport, which is looking awesome. I cannot wait for it to open on the 1st of May, when the first aircraft will be touching down. The airport is a MAJOR upgrade for Durban’s existing airport, and is now a fully fledged international airport. Provision has been made for the worlds largest aircraft the Airbus A380 to also land there.

The schedule for the first couple of flights on 1st of May looks something like this: (full schedule here)

SAA	DUR-JNB	SA 528	6:30	319
SAA	DUR-JNB	SA 530	7:00	738
1TIME	DUR-JNB	1T220	07:00*	MD
1TIME	DUR-JNB	1T220	07:00*	MD
KULULA	DUR-JNB	MN636	07:10*	737
SAA	DUR-JNB	SA 534	7:40	738
SAA	JNB-DUR	SA 531	8:00	319
SAA	DUR-PLZ	SA 1344	8:05	CRJ
KULULA	JNB-DUR	MN607	08:10*	737
1TIME	JNB-DUR	1T209	08:10*	MD
1TIME	JNB-DUR	1T209	08:10*	MD
MANGO	JNB-DUR	JE229	08:20*	738
SAA	DUR-JNB	SA 538	8:40	738

I found a couple of really cool pics on the Skyscrapercity forums of the new airport.

To see a full gallery of the pics check out this post

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Very impressive, I had no idea! It’ll definitely give CT and Jozi a run for their money… Looks like I’ll have to fly to Durbs in a few months’ time then :)

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