Thirst4Work Launches in KZN

I’m a big fan of startups in South African, and even a bigger fan when the startups are from KZN, and EVEN more stoked when they from my home town Ballito, up on the North Coast of KZN.

Enter Brad Dowden. Brad is also a local Ballito boy, and has recently launched a very very cool recruitment site, called Thirst4Work. This is not your average recruitment site where you upload a CV and hope for a phone call. Thirst for work is a whole lot more fun. Once you register on the site, you can upload your CV to the site, and allow you to search for specific jobs in your field. The guys have also added a really cool feature whereby you can follow a specific twitter stream for the industry you looking for a position in. So, for example, if you looking for an IT job, you can follow the dedicated @t4wIT twitter stream which will show you all the jobs the new jobs they have in the IT field, in your Twitter stream, as they are added. There are a whole bunch for the different industries. Very cool !

Here is a bit more info about Thirst4Work:, a job portal with a difference!  We want to get South Africa to work and open up as many opportunities as possible for all those job seekers out there.  How do we do this?  We utilise the power of Social Media networks to spread the word about available jobs, whilst giving job seekers the opportunity to manage all their job applications in one place. We’ve created a powerful tool called CV Pilot which helps job seekers create a professional online CV which they can use to apply for jobs from leading employers.

All to often in the past, companies have used newspapers to advertise.  With the shortage of talent in South Africa, their job ads are only reaching a small audience, many of which do not have the required skills.  By using, their job ad is placed online, is spread through the social media network and is exposed to potential candidates both local and abroad…all this for a fraction of the cost.  We are educating companies on new ways to recruit and attract talent whilst helping South Africans to gain employment.  This service is not only for the large corporates but also for the smaller businesses looking for talent.

Even if you not in the job market, I would highly suggest you check out Thirst4Work, you might never know what pops up :)

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