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Supersport Live Streaming Video

I came across a very cool service offered by today, where I can actually the rugby at work (sneaky sneaky).

To sign up for the service you need to be a DSTV Subscriber, and you need your smartcard number to sign up. The registration process is quick quick, and you can watch your favorite game as soon as you have signed up.

The streaming of the video was pretty smooth, and I didn’t have to buffer once. Although this is at work, I have yet to try this on an ADSL line, but I’m pretty sure it should be pretty smooth on a 4MB line. The service is offered 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

To get a full line up of upcoming live games that are being streamed, click here

2 replies on “Supersport Live Streaming Video”

Wow you only found this today? I’ve used it a lot and works well. Bring it on !! Way cool to have rugby on in the background while pretending to work. Hee hee. Works better than which I found was very iffy
I tried it at home and 384kbps was just not enough bandwidth, rekon 512 would be OK, so 4mbps should be perfectly fine.
Bring on video on demand for everything !!!

Too bad I haven’t gotten streaming to work on the iphone. You can only log in to the mobile site using safari from the iphone.

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