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Tollgate at new King Shaka Durban Airport

We knew this was coming, but now it has been confirmed by SANRAL, that as of 00:00 on the 1st of May, the new Toll Gate at the King Shaka airport, just outside Durban, will be operational.

The Toll will only be applicable if you are traveling on the southbound on-ramp towards Durban as one exits the King Shaka International Airport.

All vehicles travelling through the toll plaza will have to pay the relevant toll tariff per class of vehicle as follows:

Class 1 R4.00
Class 2 R8.00
Class 3 R12.00
Class 4 R16.00

Think this is a first for South Africa ?

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Slightly off topic. Curious if the new airport will retain the DUR IATA code or if there is a new one for the new airport, will go look see when my internet speed improves.

Hello Tourists,
You have paid some expensive flights.
You have paid some expensive accommodation.
You have paid almost double for your rented car
Please give some change :)

But it is the same in Italy and France so no real surprise for SANRAL to try and recoup some cost. As long as the balance sheets shows neutral I guess I am ok with that.

Oh and for anyone interested this will be the no fly zone during SWC

@Kishyr – Tongaat Plaza up to R7.00. Can you get from La Mercy straight to M4?

What’s the purpose of having this particular tollgate, since the previous “Durban airport” did not have a tollgate?

Hello everyone

I have been searching Google for ages trying to find out the names and tariffs of all the toll gates in Durban and surrounding areas/ KZN, particularly from Durban central to Ballito, but I only found a list of outdated fees, please email me a link if you can find it?


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