Jack Parow CD

You may have heard of Jack Parow. You know that guy that sings “Cooler As Ekke“. That afrikaans rap tune, that every time you listen to it, cracks you up. It’s brilliant. And finally, he has bought out his own CD.

If you haven’t heard it check out this video to get an idea about what we talking about:

The CD features 12 tracks:

1.  Ek Wens Jy Was Myne
2.  Hier’s Hy Nou
3.  Cooler As Ekke
4.  Dans Dans Dans
5.  Feite
6.  I Miss
7.  Ricky Louw
8.  Farmhouse Brekvis
9.  Die Vraagstuk
10.  Byellville
11.  Word Wakker
12.  Tussen Stasies

Kalahari.Net has the CD in stock and ready to ship to you for ONLY R119.65. If you want get hold of a copy of this CD, I suggest you do it soon, as I don’t think they going to be around for to long. Click here to order the new Jack Parow CD

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