Please help me go to #Tech4Africa

You may have noticed this banner that I have on the right hand side of my page. The banner is for an upcoming conference in Jozi, in August, called Tech4Africa.

The conference is run over 3 days, and includes some of the most prolific speakers in the tech industry, from South Africa as well as abroad. Some of the big names include WordPress founder Matt Mullenberg, as well as online legend Clay Shirky. Some of the South African internet hero’s include Mr Stopforth, as well as the newly engaged Justin Spratt (congrats :)

The conference is aimed at everyone and anyone in the tech. Here is a lowdown on what the conference is all about, from the site:

  • Emerging tech and trends for Africa
  • Applications for Web 2.0 in Africa
  • Mobile & wireless innovation and trends for the next 3 years
  • Cloud computing and it’s relevance for business in Africa
  • Startups & business opportunities in Africa
  • African success stories
  • The funding landscape in Africa

Now, as you can see, it looks like a phenomenal couple of days just browsing through the full schedule which can be found over here on the Tech4Africa site.

And this is where I ask a favour :) I would really really (really) love to attend this conference. The thing is, the tickets cost R3,500 for an early bird ticket, which I assume are probably already flying off the shelves. But for me, that’s quite a bit of cash at the moment, so that’s where you, my loyal readers, come in.

I would love if everyone who reads my blog, could sponser me a little something to get to Tech4Africa. I am open to suggestions on how to “reimburse” you using my site. We could do an advert on the site or write a product review. I’m open to suggestions. So, if you have something you would like to me write about on this blog, drop me an email, and we can have a chat.

I have also added a PayPal donation button on the right hand side of my page, under the Tech4Africa logo, as well at the bottom of this post, and if you would like to donate a little something using PayPal, that would be awesome. One of my loyal supporters of this site, Steph, has already said his company will sponsor me R500 :) So we on the road already.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas on how I can get to Tech4Africa, please feel free to drop me a mail at [email protected]

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I do have an employer that pays for these kinds of conferences, but I, ME, I want to go. For myself, and for my blog readers :)

The day that my employer pays for any of us to go to conferences of any kind is the day pigs fly. The time you loose when you’re out of the office is time you’ll never get back. The only time I’ll ever be able to go to conferences is if they are free and I put in leave for the day.

R3500 is waaaaaay to steep for any indivitual to afford hence I think they are targeting corporates who have money to throw around.

Good luck Marc in your fundraising.

And yes, I’d love to go to. :)

emailing you now.

I’m not sure I agree with you there dude. I think that R3500 is cheap, when compared to R5k+ for most conferences in ZA, for one day, with local speakers. Anyways, that’s just me – ping me your email / contact me, and we’ll try figure a way to get you there.


I agree. R3500 is def not to much to ask for a conference of this caliber. the speakers are phenomenal, and it is guaranteed value for money.
Looking forward to your email Gareth ;)

@Kevin WOW, thanks so much. That is much appreciated. Love how the South African community pulls together.

@oneafrikan, just popped you an email :)

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