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Canon EOS Roadshow

Canon hosts a free event twice a year where they invite amateur photographers from around South Africa to attend a session, usually on a Saturday morning, where they have guest professional photographers. These guys are usually exprets in their field, and share their knowledge and expereience.

This year Canon has added another day onto the event which will be a training course for amateurs to get the best out of their cameras. Even if you don’t have a Canon camera, this is a must if you are even remotely interested in photography. I have been to one of the roadshow sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This year Travel Photographer, Andy Lund as well as Paul Hofman will be sharing their knowledge and experience with the audience.

Sessions take place in Cape Town on the 7th&8th May, Joburg on the 14th&15th May and Durbs on the 21st and 22nd of May. The Friday sessions for the training are from 2pm – 4pm and the Roadshow on the Saturday is from 10am – 1pm. I am defitnely going to try and get down to the Durban one.

Here is a bit more info about the Canon EOS Roadshow (PDF)