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Mweb to offer DSTV on Demand to ADSL Uncapped customers

Mweb announced this morning that they will be offering DSTV on demand to all Uncapped ADSL customers with effect from today. This means you will now be able to stream live sport and movies on your PC.

Here is the press release from Mwebs Free the web Facebook Page:

MWEB is again taking the lead in the internet market in South Africa, this time by becoming the first ISP to offer DStv ON DEMAND to its subscribers via on online portal. DStv Premium subscribers that have an ADSL account from MWEB will now be able to experience this free service at where they can stream or download premium video content online. MWEB is currently the only ISP currently accredited by DStv to offer this service and that meets its stringent quality of service and technical requirements.

MWEB’s launch of affordable uncapped ADSL in March this year was the first step in changing the internet landscape in South Africa. In April, the company then called for further liberation of the industry by becoming the first of the large network operators to offer open peering agreements to all ISPs. This latest development is a further step to enabling South African users to access and download content on a scale never seen before, and on a par with the rest of the world.

Rudi Jansen, CEO of MWEB, said the company is proud to be first to offer this content online to its subscribers in an easily accessible way. “DStv ON DEMAND offers easy access to quality, locally-available online video content that users can watch using their MWEB ADSL service.”

The DStv ON DEMAND online offering provides 80 hours per week of premium content including blockbuster movies, award-winning series, sporting action, kids’ shows and documentaries. The online service is well suited to DStv Premium subscribers who do not have a PVR.

“MWEB has a top quality, reliable network that has been engineered to world-class standards and is able to support the demand for this service,” said Jansen. “We operate and manage a high capacity and highly redundant carrier grade network with sufficient bandwidth allocation to enable the streaming of video content online. Importantly, MWEB also does not throttle its ADSL service which is a requirement for delivering DStv ON DEMAND.

“For users still on a capped service, this product offering also provides a compelling reason to switch to uncapped ADSL. Users enjoying this product won’t want to be restricted in how much online TV and video entertainment they can watch and uncapped ADSL will help avoid high internet costs,” he added.

Jansen said that MWEB customers will enjoy the benefits of optimised viewing of DStv ON DEMAND. “For content that can be downloaded from the website, any ADSL line speed can be used. However, certain video content can only be streamed (and not downloaded) because of the content rights associated with it. For streaming this content we recommend a 4Meg line speed. While a 512kpbs line could be used, the experience will not be optimal.

“Watching DStv ON DEMAND online on your PC or laptop effectively also gives you an additional viewing channel in your home,” added Jansen.

The product will be available from 5 May 2010, and MWEB ADSL subscribers with a DStv Premium subscription can go to to register for the DStv ON DEMAND online service.

If you haven’t got MWEB uncapped ADSL yet, you can sign up here.

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I do have a pay as you go phone line. I`m interested in MWEB All Inclusive ADSL line rental of R349 per month. Do i need to change my line to a permanent line?

Hey Adwin,
As far as I know you have to have a fixed telkom line for ADSL. They don’t do installs on prepaid lines. It is well well worth it, and highly recommend it


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