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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working alongside my mate, Brad, on a new project called Themergency.

The site is still in it’s infancy stages, but the idea behind themergency is to showcase the cream of the crop of WordPress themes & plugins. We also will take a look at whats new on the wordpress scene, and Brad will work his magic and conjour up some cool plugins.

So far we have released 2 plugins. The first is called Twitter @Anywhere plugin, which allows you to use shortcodes in your WordPress site, and use the full functionality the Twitter @Anywhere API. This means, all twitter usernames in your posts will be able to use hovercards, as well as being able to tweet from your site.

The 2nd plugin is called “Twitter Blackbird Pie” and allows you to insert tweets into your posts, also using shortcodes. No need for those horrible screenshots when you want to show a tweet in your post.

By Posting the following shortcode in my post [[blackbirdpie url=”″]], you can see the result below:

[blackbirdpie id=”14286781807″]

There also a couple of other cool tips & tricks on the site, with loads more coming soon. We are also on Twitter – @Themergency, so if you are a WordPress fan, like us, then head on over to

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Strange name you’ve chosen – sounds like a cite for advice on medical emergencies or disaster management! M

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