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cnectd – A proudly South African mobile application

You may have seen the trending topic on Twitter today for Cnectd. Cnectd is a mobile application, that can be used between iPhone, BlackBerry, Android & Nokia. The application works in the same way as the popular BlackBerry messenger, which allows users to send instant messages between devices, except now, cnectd can be used across all the above platforms.

The coolest thing about cnectd, is that it is PROUDLY South African :) The app was developed by a bunch of guys in Jozi called MCI Consultants who have previously released a couple of iPhone apps.

Here is the info from the App store:

cnectd(“,) is a messaging application for smart phones that is currently available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Symbian. Cnectd allows you to send text messages, and share pictures and your location with your contacts. The push notification messages ensure you’ll always get messages even when you’re not in the app. No need to spend money on expensive SMS/MMS messaging anymore. Cnectd lets you find new friends in your area and begin chatting.

Once you have signed up to cnectd you can add your friends using your Facebook profile, or by inviting them over email. When you recieve a message, you get a push notification alerting you of the awaiting message.

Click here to download cnectd for iPhone –

Click here to download cnectd for Android –

Click here to download cnectd for Symbian (Nokia) –

Click here to download cnectd for Blackberry –

This app is perfect for you if all your mates have different phones. My username is marcforrest. Don’t forget to add me. Let me know your thoughts on the app below.

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Isnt this the same as Mxit?
It seems it is just another chat app in an already crowded market.

Good Q Joe…

I wonder if it can connect to the BBM network?

Is it possible to chat to the BBM network without a BB?

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