Introducing iPhone Help

Over the last year, this site has grown in leaps and bounds. Far, Far beyond all expectations I ever had when I started blogging about 6 years ago.

Much of the success of this blog, can be attributed to my love for iPhones. In fact, I only really started blogging about iPhones in the last year, after I put a post on how to set up MMS & tether your iPhone in South Africa. That post has racked up an incredible 542 comments, and almost daily, another is added, with someone asking for help or ideas around a problem on the iPhone.I also get countless emails and tweets asking for advice on the iPhone.

I came across a pretty cool WordPress theme the other day, called “Answers” from Templatic. The theme allows you to operate a Q&A style forum, which allows members of the site to ask a question, as well as answer previous questions asked.

As soon as I saw this theme, I instantly thought of setting up an iPhone Q&A type site for people to go to and ask questions about the iPhone. With this, the iPhone community will (hopefully) grow and become more knowledgeable about the iPhone in South Africa.Questions can vary from anything from apps, to technical questions. Somebody out there will be able to answer your question.

So, head on over to and fire your questions and answers away. The site is still a bit of work in progress, and I have also included a link at the top of my site for quick easy access.

Any comments would be more than welcome :)

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