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Flexicell – Easy cellular airtime

I recently came across a service called Flexicell, which allows you to convert your prepaid cellphone account into a “month-to-month” contract, which also allows you to cancel at anytime you wish.

Every month an fixed amount is debited from your bank account, and your cellphone is then topped up with the relevant amount. Something else that is also great about Flexicell is that the “contract” is not a stock standard 24 month contract, you can simply cancel at anytime, should you not want to use the service, or if you would prefer to go back to pay as you go.  The airtime from Flexicell is also a LOT cheaper than your standard pre-paid airtime, so you score as well.

To qualify for the Flexicell contract you simply need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid South African identity document;
  • Be between the ages of 18 – 75 years;
  • Have a bank account that allows for debit orders;
  • Earn a minimum salary of R2 500 per month;
  • Be permanently employed or on a long-term contract of employment;
  • Provide a business registration number if self employed.

Signing up with Flexicell is pretty simple, and all you need to do is give them a call on 0861 83 84 85 or 0861 90 91 92. You can also SMS the word “Help” to 39131 and they will get back to you.

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When I first saw the service, I wondered whether their was a market for prepaid users with smaller budgets (I assumed smaller budgets) that would want to be on a contract.

Based on how long the company has been running, I guess there must be!

Have you used this service? I want to speak to someone who knows a bit more about moving from prepaid to contract without having to take out a full 24 month..

Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and give active feedback. I’ve been using Flexicell for a couple of years and haven’t had a problem thus far, thankfully. My friend, Mary, wants to sign up, but she wanted to know if the text message application still worked?

Thank you again!

Big Scam , once in, felxicell will debit your account without your authority, intermittendly for indefinate even if you have cancelled, this is fraud, stealing money from people

ive joined flexicell 2004 but have’nt got a sim card and they dont make a mistake month end for deductions till to day .ive call them that laidy said she cant help me .so can you refund my money back from that day till todate.

I joined up with Flexicell a few years ago and have had wonderful service, but looking at these comments I get the feeling that some people are having problems. I wonder if anyone from Flexicell is monitoring these posts and comments, and whether they could assist?

Dear @hunter and @zuma,

I have only just seem your responses now and would like to assist you. Please would you contact [email protected] directly and he will assist you, allowing you to bypass the usual support line channels. There has clearly been a miscommunication and I’m sure you’ll be able to clear things up quickly using this channel.

Thank you.

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