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Introducing StreetviewSA

Yay!! Google finally flipped the switch this morning and Google Streetview in South Africa is now live. You may remember 2 weeks ago, they switched it on for a few minutes, and I managed to capture a few images using my iPhone.

Now, I’m sure we have all at least tried Streetview before. If you haven’t (where have you been), it is a fantastic service that allows you a 360 degree panormainc view from within Google Maps, of your surroundings. This is really handy if you are traveling, and what to see, what the outside of a building looks like, or for example look at a house you may want to buy etc.

The Google Streetview images are captured using a hi-tech vehicle that drives around with Cameras mounted to the roof, and these are then “stitched” together. Sometimes the cars come across some weird and wonderful stuff, and capture these.

But most of the time, not everyone gets to see these, weird, wonderful & funny scenes, so I have created a site called StreetViewSA, which will allow viewers of Google Streetview to Submit links to these. Once these have been submitted, the will be added to the site for the rest of the world to laugh at :) The idea is loosley based on a website in the UK called

So, head on over to, and if you come across any bizarre incidents on Google Streetview in South Africa, be sure to submit them, and let the rest of the world laugh & learn with you.

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