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Let’s get this party started – Bafana vs. Mexico

They opening game of the world cup takes place tomorrow afternoon. I simply can’t wait. For me, this is one of THE biggest moments in our countries history, and I am overwhelmed by what is going down in our country at the moment. To be honest, I won’t be surprised if a little tear is shed tomorrow :)

So, The first game tomorrow is out beloved boys in yellow,Bafana Bafana. They take on the Mexicans, at 16:30, and the game promises to be a cracker. With 90,000 fans behind them in the stadium and another 40 million behind them out in the streets, I am pretty confident that we have this one in the bag. It is going to be very tight I reckon, but I honestly think that the Mexicans will be pretty overwhelmed by the occasion and the noise from our national instrument, the Vuvzela., by far the best online sports betting site in South Africa, has some fantastic odds for tomorrows games.

In the first game of the day,  South Africa has odds of 7/4 if they win. What this means is, if you put down R100, you could possibly get back R275. Bargain. Mexico is at 6/4, so you would get back R250 if they win. If it is a draw and you put down R100 you could get back R315 at 43/20. I would def put my cash on Bafana for this one.

The 2nd game of the eve is France vs Uraguay. Uruguay are the underdogs for this game with 15/5 odds. R100 will get you R340 if they win. France being the favorites will net you R215 for 100 bux at 23/20. A draw will score you R310 if you part with R100 at 21/10.

To check out all the other games betting odds for the games going forward, check out I will be putting a few of my pennies down on our boys. I will also try and do a couple more of these posts during the big celebration that is going to be the World Cup.