Finger 2010 iPhone game

With all the Soccer World Cup madness going around at the moment, I came across quite a cool little game, called Finger 2010 – $0.99 (iTunes Link), developed by the guys from MarsApp to keep myself entertained during those dull moments in the games, while watching it on TV.

The game is a pretty simple concept. First you choose your country (Go South Africa :)), and then you simply play a game of 1-touch. You have to keep tapping the soccer ball and keep it in the air for as long as possible, without it touching the ground. It may sound rather simple, but trust me, there is quite a bit of skill involved.

There is also a fantastic soundtrack to keep you entertained during your game, as well as Open Feint scoring integration, which allows you to compete against a global leaderboard as well as against your friends.

The Finger 2010 features:

  • Simple Control
  • Over 90 Countries to choose from
  • Integrated with OpenFeint
  • High Scores Leaderboard
  • Total Scores Leaderboard
  • Music Control
  • Auto Submit Score
  • Accumulate Country Score

Overall the game is brilliant, and well worth the $0.99 price and isĀ  a must have for the next couple of weeks to keep the soccer vibe going :)