Zoopy iPhone app

The guys from Zoopy, South Africa’s number 1 video sharing site, have released the official Zoopy iPhone app, which allows you to view and share video’s on the go.

I downloaded the app earlier today, and so far am pretty impressed. The interface is pretty slick, and pretty fast as well. The app has a featured sections, which shows the best video’s on Zoopy site, as well as ability to search and a Zoopy TV section.

The main feature of the app is that you can upload your own videos you have captured, which will be a treat with the new iPhone 4 HD video recording. I haven’t tried uploading a video yet, but it looks pretty simple. One thing the app is missing though is background uploading in the iOS4 software. That would be a great feature to have, given the size of video clips. Hope to see that in the next update

Here is the app store description:

Zoopy is an online and mobile social media community, where you can upload, share and discover videos, photos and audio – all in one place. It’s also home to Zoopy TV, with online video shows created especially for the web and mobile, ranging from news, events and movie reviews to games, fashion and public opinion.

You can download the app, which is free from the app store here ->

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Good job on installing it so quickly Marc :) Thank you for the feedback – it’s always helpful to know what features users place the most importance on. We’re working on a list of tweaks for an updated version as we speak, which includes iOS4 enhancements, so keep an eye on the app store for its release. Enjoy the app – and happy uploading!

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