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Introducting SA Lotto iPhone App

Well, today is a pretty exciting day, because I can finally let the cat out of the bag, and reveal, a project I have been working on for the last couple of months. Introducing the SA Lotto App iPhone app (iTunes Link).

Over the last couple of months I have been working with a chap down in Cape Town called Juliaan Evenwel on this app, and today it was (finally) approved by Apple. Juliaan did most of the iPhone groundwork, and designed the app, while I gave input on the functionality and design aspect of the app. Big Big thanks go to Juliaan on the work he has put into this app. He has spent hours and hours on this project. Respect :)

The app will show all the latest results from the South African lottery, as well a couple of cool features such as a random Quick Pick generator. Another funky feature is the ability to choose your own numbers which the app will then match up to the drawn ones, and show you if you have won.

This is the app store description we have set:

SA Lotto App offers you the most comprehensive iPhone South African Lotto App

Features of the app include:
* Simple and intuitive user interface
* Instant results from Lotto, Lotto Plus & Powerball draws as soon as they are made available.
* Full prize division payouts for Lotto, Lotto Plus & Powerball.
* Full draw information including machine used as well as draw number etc.
* Quick pick numbers with hot & cold indicators as well as number appearances.
* Pick your own numbers to match up to winning numbers to see if you have won.

* This App Requires a working internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to download the latest results and statistics.

To see more info about SA Lotto App, head on over or download it from the app store at –

I would love to hear feedback and comments on the app and if you have any suggestions on how we can change the app, we would really appreciate it. This is just the start of a couple of what is destined to become a really great South African iPhone app.

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Firstly great app. Knowing what a big fan of the iPhone you are it must be thrilling for you to have put out a app, not sure what ‘Presented by’ in the credits means, we’ll assume it means ‘conceptualized by’.

On loading the app I was very disappointed. I though I might have been looking at an old Windows Mobile application as it certainly looked that way. You have text that is like 5pt large. Did you guys look at the Phone Human Interface Guidelines ( )? Things are misaligned and cut off at the bottom of the screen. Dude did you guys have a designer help for anything other than the logo?

I know I’m being harsh but this app is ‘presented’ badly. Too much on one screen and looks like a Visual Basic developer had their go at an iPhone app. Our firm would never allow a client to put out such a app. My father wouldn’t be able to read most of the text in your app, he loves his iPhone but has trouble with teeny tiny text.

The good news it that with a little work you guys can make this application rad. Just some work on the UZ and you’re sorted. There is no need to have all the info on the same page at the same time, there is no need to have 5 different font sizes on the same page. You guys use twitter and other apps on the iphone all day long, learn from their user interfaces. Look at how some of these apps display complex data in a simple manner.

I hope version 2 of this app is a little more polished. Again congrats on getting the application out the door, I know that just doing that is a hell of a big job.

Hey Nathan,
Thanks so much for the feedback. It is highly appreciated, and we will definitely look into some of the suggestions you have made.

This is exactly the type of feedback we are looking for, as we all rather new to the concept. So user feedback is of the utmost importance.

Look forward to Ver 2.0 coming to an app stores soon ;)


Good comments, harsh, but definitely noted and like Marc said, we will take it all into account for the next version!


I’m sorry that it sounded harsh but the appeal of the iPhone is not only the Apple’s phone and apps just them selves, it’s also the apps.

If there isn’t quality user interfaces than iPhone apps will just start looking like most of the apps that Windows Mobile has had for years, namely badly designed apps with shocking user interfaces.

As I said the interface is easily fixable with a bit of thought and work.

I really hope that may feedback helps you guys great a kick ass pretty app :)

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