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Spud the movie trailer

I recentley finished reading the Spud series of books, which I have to say are 3 of the best books I have read in a long long time. If you haven’t heard about Spud, it is a diary style series of books, written by a teenage boy as he enters high school at Michaelhouse in KZN.

Spud writes about everything from his crazy mates, and crazy girls, as well as the ups and downs of teenage years. The author, John van de Ruit adds in loads of humour which kept me reading for hours.There are 3 books in the series. The first is simply called Spud. The 2nd is called “Spud, the madness continues“, while the 3rd is called “Spud, Learning to Fly

And now, in November a “Spud, the movie” staring John Cleese & Tanit Phoenix amongst others, will be shown at cinemas across South Africa. I came across the trailer this morning, and I can’t wait to see the movie when it is released. It is sure to be a cracker. Here is the youtube video:

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What a joke, this is the best thing they every produced apart from Wilbur Smith who hates the school, and the place is so limp and phony they had to make everything up. I want to write “The Real Spud”, what really went on at “that” school.

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